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Sep 16, 2012 01:27 PM

Jackson, MS, Pigskin BBQ, Ridgeland

Thought that I might share this as I thought it was pretty cool. I travel to Memphis frequently and about once every couple of years, I bring home ribs from the various institutions to compare in a blind tasting.

This year, we had ribs from Central BBQ, Rendezvous, The BBQ Shop, Cozy Corner and for a twist, added a local place, Pigskin BBQ in Ridgeland. This was a straight out rib competition, almost all of them dry with the sauce on the side. Most were St Louis style I think, except Rendezvous and Cozy Corner which were baby backs.

I am really happy to say that our local place - Pigskin, doesn't play second fiddle to any of the others! on't get me wrong, they were *all* great this time (Rendezvous is always hit or miss for me, but this time they were certainly a hit), but overall Pigskin actually won the competition!

Central had the best sauce and Cozy Corner came in a very close second. BBQ Shop was third, Central 4th (had a strong charcoal taste - I din't think they used charcoal there), and Rendezvous last. But they were fantastic as well, just not as fantastic as the others!

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  1. Thanks for the BBQ report. Have youi been to Hickory Pit in Jackson. What's there BBQ like. Thanks.

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      It's been years, but it was pretty much standard issue fare last time I was there. I still say that the best BBQ in MS can be found in various gas stations!