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Sep 16, 2012 12:57 PM

Anywhere new in Aruba?

Heading down for our 3rd year and we've been to the following:
Madame jeanettes
Carte Blanche
Waky wahoos
Smokey joes

And some others that aren't worth mentioning.

Looking for somewhere new to try. Any recs for 2 fools & a bull or open kitchen? Anywhere else for some Philly foodies to try?

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  1. try and

    1. Went to 2 Fools last year and while good, wasn't up to Carte Blanche at all. Different dining experience, but how many of those kind of meals can you have? Have heard good things about Open Kitchen and will probably try this year. Also Anna Maria's (Anna Marie's?). White is also a newbie that sounds worth trying.Have you been to Yemanja? Always a favorite. As well as Barefoot.

      1. Costa Linda has a new restaurant called Water's Edge (obviously on the water's edge) which is getting good reviews. Also open for lunch

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          Yes, heard good things about that as well. I'm right next door at Casa Del Mar so will definitely be on the list.