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Sep 16, 2012 11:19 AM

Sarasota Inkanto Authentic Peruvian Cuisine

Has anyone dined at Inkanto Authentic Peruvian Cuisine 4141 Tamiami Trail South? If so, how was it and and how is the pricing? I just heard about it because Groupon has a deal.



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  1. Well I read this review and it sure looks and sounds good. If you go let us know. Still up North.
    Edited to sat that I just bought the dinner for four with two starters for $50. Not much to loose with each couple only paying $25!

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      I read the review too but just wanted to hear from someone on Chowhound who might have dined there. We are still in Toronto and won't be back down until probably the middle of December if even by then so didn't want to take a chance on buying the coupon.Thanks for your response. :)

    2. Tried it for lunch yesterday with a biz colleague of Cuban descent - we both agreed the food quality was topnotch. The place is extremely comfortable inside and waitstaff must be part of the family - incredibly knowledgeable about the food and wine. Don't miss the yucca app - perfectly fried and tender, almost like eating a jumbo French fry and served with 3 wonderful dipping sauces. Went the healthy route and ordered the marinated grilled shrimp salad which was excellent as well. Next time will be dinner with my wife to try their wines. Try it soon, hopefully their volume will pick up.

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        Thanks for the info....glad to hear it's topnotch. It will be one of the first places we try when we get back down to Sarasota in December.