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New to Me Product/ Sheets of Wafers

I love looking in the Polish section of our supermarket. I saw these sheets of wafers packaged in sheets of 7 for $1.75. I bought a few packs and am searching for some recipes.

Has anyone else ever seen them or used them?

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  1. Looks like the wafer part of the regular sugar wafer cookies. I will be on the lookout for these and watching this thread.

    1. Left to my own devices, I would probably just eat all of it as is. I love wafers.

      1. Or dip in melted chocolate, when hardened, break up and use to top icecream or yogurt. Kinda like a dipped sugar cone.

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          ahhhhh great suggestion. dip in dark chocolate and sprinkle on chopped nuts and let harden and try and cut into strips without crushing. Going to try that

        2. I've never seen those before, but for recipes, maybe make a huge sugar wafer cookie. Layer it with any flavored frosting, let it soften up, then slice into sticks. Or put a wafer down, then sweetened whipped cream, very masserated(sp?) Berries, wafer, whipped cream, berries. When it's all layered, let the wafer marry with everything eles, then slice.

          1. Those just scream Nutella to me.

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                I was going to scream Nutella but wasn't sure if it was Chowhound worthy LOL

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                  hahaha, me, too!

                  I'm going to look for those. I like the idea of ice cream sandwiches and dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with nuts for a not too sweet dessert, like when you want just a bite of something.

            1. These wafers are used as layers in an eastern European torte-like dessert. My mother made something similar once or twice - spread between the layers with a good chocolate buttercream, then cover the whole business in something like a ganache. I've also eaten it at a Polish friend's house but never thought to ask how the torte was made.

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              1. I've seen these used as the cookie layers of ice cream sandwiches.

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                  Yep.dulce de leche I/C and some caramel or better, chocolate drizzled on the top and cut up into squares would do it...or serve it whole and then cut at the table

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                    I could just quickly take a bite of wafer and a shovel a scoop of ice cream in my mouth LOL would be easier!!!

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                      LOL true..and i could run around naked............but gettingthese things and making it look "dressy" is nicer......And Gawd knows I look better with clothes on

                2. The instructions are right on the package where it says these wafers are for layer cake (though it is more similar to icebox cake). They are common throughout the CEE region and go by various names. The basic concept is to spread a sweet confection, whether chocolate buttercream, gianduja or a pudding between layers of wafer before frosting the entire thing and serving.

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                    There are no instructions on the front of the package. Maybe they are on the back of the cover paper.