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Sep 16, 2012 08:33 AM

Arthur Schwartz potato kugel AND advice on how to season a kugel

Has anyone made it or had it? It is somewhat unusual in that it has one dozen (yes, 12) eggs to 3 lbs of potatoes. I'm making a kugel today and I'm tempted to try his. I'm not too familiar with how successful his recipes are.
In addition, most ot the kugels I've had are pretty bland. Does anyone have any suggestion on how to liven them up? The seasonings in the Arthur Schwartz version are pretty standard: salt, pepper and onions.

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  1. Is this the recipe?

    I have not tried his recipes. I've never really found potato kugel bland. The crispness and the potato flavor seem the perfect accompaniment to a roast. Making it with schmaltz tastes best to me.

    I have on occasion added garlic. Sometimes I add just a smidgen of cumin. A layer of caramelized onions in the middle (so they don't over cook) could be nice too.

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      I love the idea of a layer of caramelized onions. Going to try that!

      1. re: doberlady

        I am SO doing layer of caramelized onions now!!

    2. I've never "gotten" potato kugel either. No matter whose recipe, no matter who makes it (self included) I just think it always comes out as much less than the sum of it's parts. And I love all the ingredients that go into it. Just not in that configuration, I guess. The only non-dairy kugel I've ever really liked is the Kugel Yerushalmi from Joan Nathan's "Foods of Israel Today."

      As far as Arthur Schwartz goes, I've tried a few of his recipes, mostly the New York Italian ones, and I've been satisfied with them. I think the only Jewish one I've made is a vinegar-based cole slaw aka health salad and I liked it quite a bit. I would trust Schwartz's recipes to be what they say they are. However, it's still a potato kugel.