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Sep 16, 2012 07:59 AM

Kitchen Tables at restaurants for reservations?

My parents and siblings are rather pedestrian when it comes to food. One place we could agree on when we got together was Buca di Beppo's. While there are many strange tables available for seating at Buca's, the one our family liked the most was always the kitchen table, which was a 6 person table in the kitchen up against a wall.

Unfortunately Buca in Des Moines closed down, but I still remember liking the experience. Does anybody know of other restaurants that have kitchen tables available for seating to the public? Extra points if the kitchen staff shows off some of the items on the menu to those at the kitchen table like they did at Buca's.

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  1. Are you just looking for ones in Des Moines, or anywhere in the seven states covered by this forum?

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      I'd love it if there were some in Eastern Iowa or Des Moines, but the question is more for the whole area covered by the board.

    2. it started getting big on the coasts about 12 years ago. it's starting to show up around the Plains. it is a fun way of eating. just smile and try not to let on that it's not a novelty.