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Sep 16, 2012 05:07 AM

Apero: great new restaurant in South Kensington

Just wanted to let Chowhound know: a new restaurant has opened in the cellar of the new Ampersand Hotel, by South Kensington Tube (the whole area is quickly becoming a great little foodie area: new walking street, more outdoor cafes, V&A, Science Museums etc).

It's called APERO. Site coming soon:

My husband and I went last night - it's only two weeks old - had an AMAZING meal. Small plates, Italian/Spanish with a kind of Ottolengthi/Morroccan vibe. Chef Chris Golding - trained with Marco Pierre White, worked at Nobu, Zuma, etc - personally chose our menu, and took me for a tour of the kitchen.

Photos & review coming soon. GUSHING about this place to friends, but hoping it won't get so packed we can't get in easily, on a whim, like we did last night.

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  1. OH I live down the road -- popped in to take a look and the hotel looks great.

    Cheap prices as well

    1. Have been a number of times for cocktails in the past, and had 1st full meal there tonight. Very good cooking. Duck w pumkpin puree, and gnocchi served from a copper pot was excellent, as was polenta w corn. Salad of apple raddichio et al was similarly good.

      Alhambra beers topped off what was a very good meal (as good as my lunch at Delaunay).

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      1. re: brokentelephone

        We had the tasting menu a month or two ago. The cooking was generally quite good, but some of the portions were far, far too large. One of the (many) courses in our tasting menu included two complete and huge breasts of chicken, served for only two people. We wanted a doggy bag for the last half of the meal!

        1. re: deansa

          I was shocked at the size of some of the courses as well, esp for the price. A large plate of beet risotto for £7 seemed quite cheap, as did the enormous plate of winter greens for a few £'s

          1. re: brokentelephone

            Thank you, brokentelephone, for reviving this thread: I forgot that I reviewed it here, and we also forgot to go back - and I pass it all the time and wonder if it's still as good.

            It's like the opposite of that Woody Allen joke, about two women complaining about a restaurant where the food is terrible and the other woman says 'and such small portions!'

            When I went, I met the chef - it had JUST opened - and he was wonderful. I forgot his name but he brought me into the kitchen, introduced me to the (small) staff - met the pastry girl, who was just starting that day.. the chef chose the menu for us (it was some kind of special deal so it was less money than usual) and it was waaaaay too much food - but each dish so amazing that we just ate ourselves into a coma.

            And then had her amazing desserts!

            I'll see if I can find some photos...

            1. re: jc23blue

              Yah the staff are really really great there. My server was this movember-stache wearing dude with a permanent smile.

              My only gripe is their ability to convince me to try every cocktail on their list, which I appreciate at the time but loathe the next morning.