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Sep 16, 2012 04:58 AM

Lisiano's Italian Restaurant Post Rd Orange, CT. Don't be swayed by the decor, go for the food!!!!!

I finally made it here after learning about this place many years ago. I happened to be getting a haircut a week ago and someone walked in and said Lisiano's has squash flowers and they are very good. So, we ordered the squash flowers for an app. and they seemed to be stuffed with ricotta cheese and served with sauce. They were very good and too me tasted almost like eggplant. It was a huge portion too. I ordered the braciole special for my entree. It came with 2 pieces of braciole over penne pasta with peas and on the edge of the plate were thickly sliced quick fried potatoes, along with broccoli, and carrots. Their sauce is a bit on the sweet side but very good. Again the portion was huge and I ended up bringing most of it home. Don't be swayed by the look of this place. It's bare bones basic inside but it's not about the decor it's all about the food.We passed on dessert. I will be going back here very soon. One more thing, the salad dressing was interesting. It's very light and not oily at all, we tasted basil, garlic, and vinegar and then we asked our waitress what else was in there and she said sesame oil and carrot. It was very clean and refreshing tasting.

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  1. I always loved their pizza, though since moving out of the area I haven't been there in years. Glad to hear they are still going strong!

    1. One thing that always impressed me with Lisiano's is the fresh veggies they serve alongside their entrees. Bizarre note, did a search for Lisiano's in the Chow search window, and nothing comes up--not even Java's post above? They seem to have squash blossoms all year which does make me wonder if they are the frozen variety, but I enjoyed them when I had them as well.