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Sep 16, 2012 04:16 AM

Bostonians Heading to Vancouver

Hi all, my in-laws are heading to Vancouver and looking for some good chow. They are pretty unadventurous and love a good steakhouse, southern Italian, simply prepared fresh fish, awesome burger or anything that is a must have while visiting Vancouver. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated and if any hounds have any inquires on Boston I will be pleased to help.


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  1. We had a very nice dinner at Adesso Bistro last week...not exactly southern Italian fare, but some well-executed Ligurian dishes. A good amount of fish was on the menu as well. I had a lobster risotto was was to die for, and the crostata for dessert was amazing.

    1. Sticking to places close to tourist zones:

      Good old fashioned steakhouse - Hy's downtown. Hamilton Street Grill for more updated steak-centric menu.
      Italian - (along with the aforementioned Adesso, Lupo near Yaltown. If your pockets are deep, then Cioppino's in Yaletown. None are strictly Southern Italian.
      Simply prepared seafood - Yew, Blue Water Cafe (a bit pricier), Go Fish (outdoor fish shack near Granville Island)
      Burgers - perhaps not "awesome" but decent...Romer's

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        With regards to Yew, the seafood is great but the wine mark up is atrocious. Just an FYI if you're drinking wine, although Sunday with 50% off all bottles (champagne and wine) make it slightly more palatable.

      2. hi chris, i hope they'll follow one of these recs for Granville Island; such a beautiful spot. They might also enjoy the Teahouse in Stanley Park; simple menu w/ lovely lovely views.And Salmon House on the Hill- famous, dramatic views; straightforward food (they do an excellent job with the cedar plank salmon there- the salmon infused w/ light smoky cedar flavor (famous local preparation.) And do encourage them to visit the Stanley Park Aquarium (fantastic otters exhibit w/ one-way glass; a great aquarium all 'round) and the tram up Grouse Mntn.

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          Glad you enjoyed Teahouse and Salmon House but visitors be warned these are inconsistent at best and you are paying for the view to some degree.

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            uh oh; don't want to rec 'meh' places.thx for the comment.

        2. The original comment has been removed