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Sep 16, 2012 02:07 AM

Best calzones in the SF Bay Area?

My girlfriend has never had calzones before and wants to try one - Tony's Pizza Napoletana looks promising. Wanted to see if there were any other suggestions?

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        1. re: Mission

          Wow, according to this picture, it looks like a 15" pizza is folder over and baked:

          Not sure I've seen a calzone that big before. The closest thing to this is Sbarros "stuffed pizza," which is a whole regular pizza topped with a second layer of pizza dough, but that has more of a glazed looking top than what's pictured at Tomassos. I have a vague memory of "stuffed pizzas" at various places on Long Island.

          1. re: Mission

            Yes... The 2 of us easily get 2 meals each out of one (we normally get the clam appetizer too)...
            Since you can easily pay $30 pp at most SF restaurants, it is definitely worth it.

            1. re: Mission

              The small calzone is $22, but it's still a whopper big enough to feed two with a salad. I liked the darkened crust, but the filling didn't do it for me. There's a layer of ricotta so tall that it doesn't heat sufficiently or integrate with the mushrooms and sausage below it. It feels like you're eating ricotta straight out of the tub.

              The margherita pizza was great. The texture of the cheese, dried oregano, and charring on the bottom of the crust reminded me of a NY slice. The shape, fresh basil, and thickness of the crust are definitely their own thing though. The crust is thicker than anyplace I can think of that's doing wood oven pizza in SF. Note that they don't use fresh mozzarella, so this isn't technically a "margherita" pizza.

              For all the crotchety chatter about how loud restaurants are becoming, I found it amusing that this 1935 restaurant is right up there with places with open kitchens and reclaimed wood.

          2. it's probably not the best, but the the calzones at gypsy trattoria in berkeley are an amazing deal for the price - and pretty delicious and huge

            1. Marzano on Park Blvd. in Oakland does a great one. Good chopped salad and well made cocktails, too.

              1. I just had a great calzone at Gialina in Glen Park. Their menu changes daily, so I would call ahead to make sure it's available.

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                1. re: Kristine

                  Had a calzone a couple weeks ago at Gialina and have to dissent. I like their pizzas, but thought the calzone was so so. We also tried their ricotta cavatelli, with sage and brown butter that night, and was unimpressed. I'll be sticking with the pizzas in the future.

                2. This post from 2004 recommending Lucia's in Redwood City has always stuck in my mind when I hear "calzone". Haven't tried it myself.

                  Seems like the kind of place that wouldn't change.

                  VILLA LUCIA'S PIZZA
                  1725 Woodside Rd.
                  Redwood City, CA