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Sep 15, 2012 10:05 PM

Place with 'Grest Oyster Selection' plus well executed hot seafood dishes, especially fish.

For those of you fellow chowhounders who have been to Toronto. During my up coming trip to NYC, I am looking for a seafood/oyster restaurant that is similar to Toronto's 'Starfish' - ie offers great selection of oysters plus a kitchen competent enough to cook delicious hot seafood dishes especially fish. I know places like Esca , Aquagrill, Oceana.... all can execute great seafood and fish dishes but how are their oysters and bi-valves selection? Grand Central has great oyster selection but IMO their cooked dishes are below par.

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  1. I like Avra - 48th Street btwn Lex & 3rd

      1. Aquagrill has at a minimum 25 different oyster varieties every day (out of thier rotation that must be over 50) and they are of excellent quality.

        1. ...adding Crave Fishbar. Great spot - solid cocktails - fantastic seafood.

          1. If you want to go below the Starfish ambiance towards a much more casual one where the fish and oysters are as fresh as the ones that you can buy from your neighborhood fishmonger, then check out Wild Edibles on 3rd Ave and 35th. Wild Edibles is a 3-store chain that sells fresh fish and shellfish in Manhattan. The 3rd Avenue location is a very local, neighborhood place, and is the only one with a restaurant. Very competent chef that prepares your chosen fish dish from the iced display cases. The fresh oyster selection is at least as much as the one that has the most in any other restaurant in Manhattan. A small, but well chosen wine and beer selection, too. I don't recall anything that's similar in Toronto.