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Sep 15, 2012 08:45 PM

London fish store or any place to buy herring?

Title says it all. I've been looking to buy herring fillet all over London and can't find a single darn place. Any suggestions would be really helpful. Also anyone know of just any cheaper place to buy fresh fish than superstore or whatnot?

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  1. The larger sores owned by Metro or Loblaw usually carry salt herring at the fish counters. Their customer service departments can help by phone or e mail. If it's fresh herring you want, I haven't seen that in Ontario, except for shad in late winter at SLM. Fresh mackerel is a good substitute.

    Fish is famously fresh and cheaper at Costco. As well, there is an Asian store at Highbury and Huron worth checking out.

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      Thank you, I should provide a little more detail haha. I wanna make pickled herring, would mackerel be a good substitute for that?

      1. re: canuckythe

        Mackerel is strongly flavored, but should work if you get a fresh one. Try Spanish Mackerel at a busy Loblaw fish counter. That's a whole fish, and they may not fillet it, like a Portuguese market.
        I have made pickled herring, and used to get $15 tubs of salt herring but don't see them any more.
        However, Metro, Loblaw, and maybe Sobey's have fillets of low cost salt herring at their larger fish counters. Just soak for a day and proceed with the recipe.

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          Thank you, Yeah I want to just buy a tub of em. I haven't seen salted herring in a while either but I will go again to check it out. Thanks for the advice!

    2. For already pickled herring, try Alicia's on Trafalgar near Highbury.

      I've never seen fresh or frozen, unpickled/unsmoked herring for sale in London.

      For fresh fish, United on Adelaide is probably the cheapest in town. Cilantro's at Huron and Highbury and the 2 Portuguese fish stores on Hamilton Rd also sell fish at prices that are usually cheaper than Metro or Loblaw's. Cilantro's has a smaller selection, and gets deliveries on Thu.

      For quality fish, I like the fish at Cilantro's and Remark. Remark's fish is expensive compared to most fish in London, but it's always very fresh.

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        Thank you very much I will check out those stores!

        1. re: canuckythe

          If you have time for a day trip down to Windsor, there is a Polish store that carries herring in many forms. There are an assortment of pickled varieties in jars, but also tubs of salt herring that you can buy by weight. They don't sell any fresh fish, but only smoked, pickled or salted. It is in Wroclaw Court on Walker Street, directly across from the Windsor Market (at Ottawa Street). There are lots of delicious sausages, baked goods and imported goods as well, plus a hot table.

          More reasons to make the trip: good Lebanese shops on Wyandotte Street for pastries, freshly baked pita, shawarma and more.

          Better and more reasonably priced pho (at Pho Nguyen Hoang) than in London.

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            Alicia's ( ) is also a Polish store, so I'm guessing they also sell the salt herring, in addition to the smoked and pickled.