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Sep 15, 2012 08:29 PM

Portland Wednesday Farmers Market -- Worth a visit for an out-of-towner?

We won't be able to stop at the Saturday Portland farmers market when we come to Maine in a few weeks, but are planning to hit the Wednesday market. The Saturday market seems to be quite a thing -- will we be glad we made the effort to get to the Wed. market? We'll be cooking at our rental home a lot while we're there, so I'm really hoping to get some good local produce to use in our dinners.

And if you would recommend a stop, any favorite vendors we should be sure not to miss? Thanks!

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  1. Definitely! Personal favorite: Snell Family Farm, which supplies to many of Portland's best restaurants. But you can hardly go wrong with all the vendors.

    1. Most of the vendors at Monument Square are the same as those in Deering Oaks (some skip one or the other) so the difference is more in the vibe of urban vs park like setting. I like Monument Square as much for the scene as I do for the individual vendors. On nice days it's great to sit outside and eat either at one of the restaurants or bring something out from the Public Market - the vendors are,for me, a nice bonus - I find that they're all very good. will give you some nice info for planning purposes.