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Sep 15, 2012 07:49 PM

Trip Report - HK

Hello to all !!

As I prepare for my next trip to Asia, let me report on my last experience in HK:

1) Man Wah: The best meal in HK in terms of a solo expereince. I play it safe: honey BBQ pork and their lobster & scallop mousse. Good service, reasonable price, good atmosphere. Merit another visit.

2) Tim's Kitchen: Went for lunch with some colleagues.Very good !!; since they were 4 of us, I was able to try different dishes. I very solid place and an automatic return.

3) The Chairman: Pathetic and well below my expectations. I have no idea what happen but it was not there. Even the dishes in the tables next to me did not impressed me.

4) San Xi Lou: An eternal favorite for Sichuan cuisine. Went twice and will return for more. Probably the best Sichuan in HK.

5) Delicious Kitchen: Hole in the wall but excceded my expectations. A very good hot and sour soup and great fried pork chops.

6) Yah Toh Heen: Intercontinental in Kowloon. Always go there for the good service and view. I need to admit that there are better places but they treat well here and I enjoy the experience.

7) Pak Lok Chiu: In Causeway; went there with some local and without control of the menu. Flower crabs were great they rest was good bit really memorable. Because of the location, I will return again.

8) Oola: In Soho; went there for a business dinner and delivered for the occasion. Good for this type of event but don't know if I will return by myself.

9) Smugglers: Always good to have a beer in Smugglers at Stanley.

I will report back after my trip (if and when I stop in HK).



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  1. Thanks for the list, domenexx! I hope I get a chance to use it in a few months.

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    1. re: pilinut

      Good deal pilinut ! I'm going there in Oct.



    2. You must have ordered badly or been very unlucky at the Chairman. They are usually very good and I have never had a poor meal there, my local colleagues that I introduced to it now take their parents and grand parents there for special occasions and they give it rave reviews - which is a pretty good stamp of approval in my book.

      I like Oolaa but it is really an expat "taste of home" type place, it is better for a brunch than dinner as I think their "international" menu suffers from trying to cover too much. The Smugglers is an institution but pretty dire, Stanley does need better pubs/restaurants, and the general standard reminds me of a faded English seaside town.

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        At the Chairman, I ordered (had to go back to the website menu) the prawn cake in Kaffir lime and and the spare ribs. Basically, very popular selections based on reviews and nature of the dish. Service was excellent and friendly ! Maybe it was one of those days but none of this selections cut it for me. There are too many other options for me to try before given then another try.
        Your comments about Oolaa was spot on and in full agreement ! After a 10hr business meeting and with a Aussie colleague that was looking for comfort food by choices were limited. Time to go with the flow.

        My stop at Stanley are always a hit and run kind of thing. Get out of the city, buy stuff for the kids and two beers at Stanley. Many good memories of the place. Nothing special but agree with you, they can do better.



        1. re: PhilD

          Have you been to Lucy's? Some fine fare there, almost a destination restaurant.

          1. re: Uncle Yabai

            Hi Uncle Yabai,

            No and not familar with Lucy. Please provide me more info ! This is what I'm looking, places other that the typical suspects !!



            1. re: domenexx

              Uncle Yabai,

              I focusing on Chinese, preferably Cantonese or Sichaun