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Suggestions for things to serve with a chicken & wild rice soup

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I am having about 10 people over for a casual dinner in a couple of weeks. I have an awesome chicken & wild rice soup that I plan to make, but I don't know what else to serve with it. Any suggestions?

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  1. Good bread and a garden salad. Keep it simple and let the soup be the star.

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        +1. And an apple crisp for dessert.

        1. Something tart like cranberries, fresh, or at least, not the sweetened dried kind.

          1. What about popovers, or a pull-apart cheese-onion bread? Or a stuffed, baked sandwich?

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              Nice or Crunchy warm bread (maybe garlic) and maybe cheese- melted or not (or grilled cheese). Also I like tzurriz and MrsCris' ideas.
              Crunchy bread, tomato and cheese.

              Chicken and Wild Rice Soup sounds so good.

            2. Corn bread or buttermilk biscuits.

              1. Care to share the "awesome" recipe?