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Sep 15, 2012 05:31 PM

Suggestions for things to serve with a chicken & wild rice soup

I am having about 10 people over for a casual dinner in a couple of weeks. I have an awesome chicken & wild rice soup that I plan to make, but I don't know what else to serve with it. Any suggestions?

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  1. Good bread and a garden salad. Keep it simple and let the soup be the star.

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      1. re: tzurriz

        +1. And an apple crisp for dessert.

        1. Something tart like cranberries, fresh, or at least, not the sweetened dried kind.

          1. What about popovers, or a pull-apart cheese-onion bread? Or a stuffed, baked sandwich?

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            1. re: mamachef

              Nice or Crunchy warm bread (maybe garlic) and maybe cheese- melted or not (or grilled cheese). Also I like tzurriz and MrsCris' ideas.
              Crunchy bread, tomato and cheese.

              Chicken and Wild Rice Soup sounds so good.

            2. Corn bread or buttermilk biscuits.