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Sep 15, 2012 05:05 PM

Dinner in Fitchburg or vicinity on Parents Weekend

Hi, folks.

My son is a freshman at Fitchburg State, and Parents Weekend is next week. We would like to take our son out for dinner on Saturday. Recommendations?

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  1. I am in this area often and would steer you to Leominster, next to Fitchburg, for dining. A new restaurant recently opened in downtown Leominster, Rye and Thyme, and it is probably your best option in the area for a special meal. It is on Open Table. Their sister restaurant, Mezcal, also has good reviews, but I've never been there. Leominster has many Italian restaurants and Il Camino is my favorite. It is old school, red sauce Italian American and not fancy, but the food is very good, especially the homemade pasta.

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      20 min. away in Princeton is Sonoma..hands down amazing (not super fancy, more smart casual but crazy good food)..take Route 31 past the center. For real casual closer to campus, Slattery's Back Room on Lunenberg St.

    2. I remember parents weekend. Unless you want to stand in line at Applebee's make a reservation or try to somewhere soon.

      1. Thanks, everyone. We had dinner at Rye and Thyme; I couldn't have asked for a better spot. They had their $1 oysters -- and my son loves oysters. Terrific steak frites. Small but nice wine selection. It was perfect for what I had in mind.

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            $1 oysters? I'll definitely have to check it out!