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Sep 15, 2012 04:51 PM

buying lobsters from the dock

looking to buy live lobsters coming from the airport. who has the best prices for live lobsters and can i buy them off the docks..any suggestions and fone nbrs to contact the docks...looking to buy 40lbs!!

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  1. google yankee lobster co they are off the haul road - they might cut you a deal on 40lbs....good luck

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    1. not from the dock, but there is a market basket in chelsea, only a few miles from logan. that grocer has the rock-bottom cheapest prices for lobster, right now @ $4.99 pp. call ahead though to order that large a quantity.

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        thx hotoynoodle!!! i just called them and yes 4.99lb maybe able to wrk a deal with them tmrw..seafood dept closed...thanks alot!!!!!

        1. re: alimik

          peak-summer they were going for $3.99 pp! we ate it like crazy, lol. even $4.99 is stoopid cheap. have fun!