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Sep 15, 2012 04:02 PM

Best Way to Store Partially Consumed Glass of Liquor?

I have some expensive Absinthe, and wasn't in the mood for much of it after I poured a big glass. Is there some standard way of storing "leftover" liquor like this? E.g., is it worth pouring into a small, sealable mason jar, or is just some saran wrap over the glass sufficient?

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  1. I would use a mason jar. Absinthe is pretty high proof so I should not have lost its vitality by now.

    1. The former would certainly work, and probably the latter. Refrigeration would be a good idea, depending upon what it is. An already-made cocktail cannot be adequate chilled in a refrigerator, and adding more ice later will over-dilute it.

      1. I had a friend ask the bartender to cover his rather expensive brandy with plastic wrap for one reason or another. When he came in the next night to finish his drink, he said the chemical fumes nearly knocked him over! I'd stick with the jar...