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Sep 15, 2012 03:35 PM

oatmeal in smoothies

Has anyone used leftover oatmeal in fruit smooties? Did it work, tips?

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  1. Yes just today and much of this summer I like throwing frozen fruit that I buy fresh ,Then add almond,coconut rice milk............ any liquid actually .Then add oatmeal cooked or raw .Try adding peanut butter or other nuts ,I will at times mix in tahini .Melon ,pineapple it all works for me Ice cubes if your blender can handle them. I also blend in a "Green Drink "powder that tastes real bitter alone and the smoothie still tastes good. Lets know how yours come out


      rolled oats are used as a drink base in parts of Latin America, sometimes called 'quaker' (with a Spanish inflection), after the best known brand.

      "The most basic version is made with oats, water, cinnamon, panela or hard brown sugar, and a very tart fruit called naranjilla, also known lulo in Colombia.There are other different variations of colada or refresco de avena: some add milk; some are made with different types of fruit such as pineapple, maracuya or passion fruit, babaco or mountain papaya; some add additional spices and aromatic herbs"

      1. I like to add a little quick cooking oats to a fruit smoothie. I don't think you can really taste them, but they give the smoothie some body and it helps to keep me full until lunch (we like to have our smoothies for breakfast.)

        1. I've used uncooked oats in a smoothie before. I liked the flavour, but I wasn't thrilled with the texture, even after they soaked overnight in the fridge

          If I ever have leftover oatmeal, I'll probably try it in a smoothie though