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Sep 15, 2012 03:35 PM

Shuck Oyster Bar- Costa Mesa

Anyone been?

Yelp pictures look very promising and the premise sounds very legit.

48 types of "heirloom" oysters. 15 of which will be on the menu at any time. No easy stuff like malpeque, kumamoto, or blue point.

OC stepping up to the plate bigtime.

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  1. To answer my own question. It's great. An instant game changer and amazing it happened in the OC first.

    Unfortunately they look like they have already outgrown the space. The full liquor license is suposed to come Sept 28. For now, people are buying Schramsberg sparkling from the olive oil place outside at $30 a bottle. Do yourself a favor and BYO. Don't know if they will start with corkage once they start selling alcohol. I hope they get a small interesting selection of beers and at least 1 chenin blanc hint hint ;)

    Stopped by for lunch today. We had:

    -oyster po boy. Excellent delicious, flavorful oysters. The bread was buttered and toasted and topped with spicy napa slaw. It was hard to close without brushing off some of the slaw but top notch. You can also order the fried oysters by themselves.

    -clam chowda'. Inundated with potatoes and clams, more clams than potatoes I almost. Rich. Delicious. Served with bread and butter. Will be back for this one.

    -seafood stew. Tomato based with halibut (I think) surrounded by steamed clams and oysters. Very good.

    -oysters. Today we tried the naked cowboy, sunken meadow, tomahawk, and stoney brook. The naked cowboy was briny and the sunken meadow was clean and sweet. They were served together and compliment each other nicely. The Tomahawks were meaty with a nice finish. Outstanding. The stony brooks also had a sweet almost citrusy finish. Very good.

    I recommend you go and go now because the lines and 30min-1hr waits are just around the corner.

    For now, bring your own white or champagne.

    I'll post photos next week.

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    1. re: Porthos

      Thanks for reporting back. Was there a line today for lunch? It didn't seem like they had a lot of seating. How much did the po boy set you back?

      I'd probably save some room for a little N'ice Cream when I check it out next week.

      1. re: js76wisco

        Couple of people waiting outside when I left. Po boy was $16 (6 fried oysters). Fried oysters $10. Chowda was a steal at $8.

        Oysters $3 each.

        1. re: Porthos

          Not bad. I'll have to try before the lines get out of hand. I was at Portola on Saturday around 9:30 and hoped they opened at 10. Who doesn't like chowda and a po boy for breakfast? Unfortunately 11am was too long to wait.

    2. Adding photos:

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        Went today for lunch around 12:30 and it was pretty empty. Ordered a few oysters, clam chowda and the oyster po boy.

        - the oysters were fantastic. Had a meaty Tomahawk, Beach Point and Peter's Point. Each had its own great distinctive qualities. The mignoette was spot on and paired very well with the nice added addition of a pickle. Very fresh oysters. They are currently only sourcing oysters from the East Coast where the waters are much colder. Next week they expect to start getting oysters in from BC and maybe the upper Pacific Northwest.
        - clam chowda was great. I loved the lemon zest that kinda added a different dimension to this bowl of chowda. It was as thick and creamy as any chowda you'll have with a lot of stuff. You weren't kidding when you said there were a lot of clams and potatoes. The bread with butter they served on the side was also good.
        - was a little disappointed in the oyster po boy because it was very difficult to eat and the spicy slaw overwhelmed the dish for me. I had to discard at least 50% of the slaw to even close the sandwich and still felt a bit overwhelmed. The fried oysters were panko breaded and delicious. I would rather stick to the fried oysters because they'll probably be easier to eat and a lot less messy.

        They are supposedly getting their liquor license on Friday. They expect to add all sorts of seafood in the future like lobster, fish and steamers. The real deal east coast steamers with drawn butter. I will be back for those. Great addition to the area.