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Help! Best takeout soup or other spicy stewish thing to defy a monster cold??

Any ideas? I need something that will expunge the mucus from my snout and throat, pronto, then lull me into a gentle slumber.

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  1. Do they sell gamja stew to go at Hanmaru? That is both a spicy soup and full of sleepy potatoes.

    1. How far are you from a New England Soup Factory?

      Delicious soups and stews. I love their beef stew but there's always something spicy or comforting enough to clear out a stuffy head and make you feel better.

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        i like hot and sour soup, ma po do fu, as well as spicy things from rod dee.

      2. A good Pho from your favorite Vietnamese place. Add the hot sauce to taste and need. Maybe Pho Ga so you get both the chicken soup and the spice.


        1. Thai tom yum soup is my go-to when I am sick. Take two and call us in the morning (and feel better!)

          1. For me anything tomato based and spicy works, that could mean a nice hot salsa with fritos, or a fradiavolo sauce with pasta. Feel better!

            1. Without a doubt the spicy noodle soup with ground pork at Sichuan Gourmet in Billerica.
              T05 Zha Jiang Noodle Soup with Pork & Spicy Sauce $7.95

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                Now that I'm getting afflicted with my first cold of the season, I was thinking about hitting SG in Framingham for just that soup, or their hot and sour with wontons. That red chile oil is da bomb for the mucus membranes. I wound up closer to home at Rice Barn in Needham and had their Big Bowl spicy noodle soup with crushed peanuts. A bit too sweet for my liking, but had a good dose of fish sauce, egg noodles, and chicken - it did get the job done.

              2. Sechuan Beef Noodle Soup from Red Pepper in Framingham has all the mucus loosening properties and tongue numbing as well.

                1. When I'm in your condition I crave Tom yum or pho. I have some homemade Tom yum broth in the freezer for just such a situation.

                  But I wholeheartedly endorse the NE Soup factory. I love that place!! Their chicken soup is great. If they have tomato/cheddar/habernero on the menu buy a gallon.

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                    I'll second C's recommendation for their tomato/cheddar/habanero soup! I can feel my nose running already.

                  2. Spicy miso ramen at Sapporo in Porter Exchange.

                    1. The Chinese Herbal broth from Little Q (late lamented of Quincy, now in Arlington), or it's counterpart "Q" in Chinatown. It's almost like medicine for me.

                      1. My favorite remedy when in your condition is Canh Chua Chay, the vegetarian version, but you can also opt for chicken or shrimp in it. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canh_chua Hot, the lime juice, pineapple chunks and tomato with crisped shallots on top are such a great combination and you just feel yourself getting better already after you taste it, which is flavored as well with tamarind.

                        Pho Pasteur has this http://phopasteurboston.net/menu
                        Pho Basil I think is my favorite version though: http://www.phobasil.com/menu.php?id=70

                        Feel better, Swankilicious!

                        1. I try to keep the Hot and Sour Won Ton soup from Chinatown in Stoughton MA in my freezer for cold treatment. I generally buy two quarts and then cut them with some chicken broth, as their broth tends to be too spicy for me. Definitely opens up my sinuses when they're clogged though!

                          1. Maybe the "Jewish penicillin", the matzoh ball soup at Johnny's in Newton Center?

                            1. In addition to buying lots of different delicious soups at New England Soup Factory, I've gotten really good Chicken Tortollini Soup from Nick Varanno's Deli in the North End just across from Haymarket. I know I've seen his place listed on one of the delivery services in Boston but don't remember which one.

                              1. Had this same problem last year. the medicine I got was the spicy beef soup at Xihn Xihn, saved my life.

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                                  Thank you all for the recommendations. I am now on the mend and was helped by a fine tom yum soup from Tom Yum Koong in Medford!

                                2. Glad to hear you're feeling better! For next time, try the tantanmen (spicy ramen with minced pork) from Sapporo at Porter. Siiiigh....

                                  1. One year I seemed to have a cold from Thanksgiving through New Year's. For a while I was living on a mixture of chicken rice and egg drop soup from the local Chinese joint. Maybe next time I'll try hot and sour in that mix!

                                    1. Any good quality hot and sour soup! Styles vary from restaurant to restaurant. I like mine with a hot vinegary bite to it. Yum. Lots of black pepper, not so much on the chili oil. Drains the nose, opens your eyes. Just the thing for a cold.

                                      At the risk of wandering OT, my ancient tattered paperback Joyce Chen's Cookbook has a simple recipe that is surprisingly good. Just saying.

                                      1. Had habanero chicken and rice today in Brookline at new england soup factory. I love it whether I am sick or not. They also make a killer hot and sour soup.

                                        1. Boat noodle soup from Rod Dee