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Sep 15, 2012 02:33 PM

Nosa Ria in Hayes Valley - Spanish import shop with food + cookware [San Francisco]

We took an epic walk to pick up provisions for a party, and one stop was Nosa Ria, a new shop of Spanish food and cookware on Laguna and Fell in Hayes Valley. It's a Spanish version of my beloved French Gourmet & More, minus the bread, plus a big emphasis on beautiful spanish meat.

We tried three of their cured meats: knock-down satisfying iberico, a tomatoey chorizo and a delicate almost lace-like lomo. The lomo was gorgeous, but I went home with the iberico, which paired better with what I'm serving.

Also for sale: olive oil chips, conserved seafood (cockles!), vinegars and oils. Nice cheese selection--smaller than Gourmet & More's cave, but as carefully curated. Really liked the Monte Enebro goat cheese with an ash rind made by a single producer. My friend said they're getting everything lined up to begin selling wine and sherry as well.

Super friendly owners, one of whom is from Galicia. Happy to have them in the neighborhood and look forward to exploring in the coming weeks.


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  1. This sounds SO wonderful. I was introduced to Despana in NYC by a Chow-friend. I can't wait to check this out. Thanks SO much for sharing.

    1. Did you see Olive Oil Crisp Breads aka Torta De Aceite?

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        hhc, I've seen those at high-end/specialty stores. Just an fyi.

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          Strangely enough these appeared recently at Fresh & Easy, and may have disappeared just as quickly. They were Ines Rosales brand from Seville. Three sweet varieties, Anisette, Cinnamon and orange, $3.99/6 pkg.

          A delicious slightly sweet, light treat to go with coffee. I have a couple of packages stashed away.

          Looks like they are available at several SF locations, like Rainbow, CalMart, etc. The packaging lists a web site for the US distributor, who has a handy store locator :

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            Yes, they have them. A different brand than Whole Foods carries, I think.

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              Yes, they carry those. Not the Rosa Inales brand, but equally tasty

            2. I am also in the neighborhood and stopped by here one evening last week. It was insufferably hot in the store, as they get the sunlight from 2-6pm directly through their corner windows. It made me hesitate and wonder about the quality of the foods, since they were sure to turn in the heat...

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                I went in a 5 pm last week. While it's not an ice box, it's also not insufferably hot inside. The case is kept very cold and there are dark roller shades on all the widows that were pulled down. When the location was a hair salon, the heat was much, much worse inside.

              2. i've stopped by twice since they opened. Both times, the co-owner (woman) was so friendly. I bought a couple bars of spanish chocolate, and several cheeses for snacking.They had the cheeses cut into many different sizes, so I was able to get a variety to try, which I though was nice. A great addition to our neighborhoood.

                1. Took a quick peek at the display of cured meats and was very impressed. An Iberico tasting in the making with lomo, jamon, chorizo, and salchichon! Had a nice chat with Krista, one of the owners, and she said they can get tocino Iberico as well. I lobbied for lardo de Iberico and think I convinced her.

                  She said that every weekend they hand-slice a Paleta de Iberico de Bellota (shoulder), Saturdays and Sundays.

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                    Seemingly EGREGIOUS markup on Iberico last I was in a few weeks ago. They very cutely mark the price at $8/oz., which, of course, amounts to $128/lb. I had to stifle a laugh when I saw that. Headed across town to Say Cheese in Cole Valley where they were offering Iberico for $80/lb, and for what it's worth, the color of the ham was much lighter and fresh looking than at Nosa Ria. Unless I'm really getting it wrong on what they were offering, I can't imagine spending my money here. I want to love this newish addition, but all of it screams "precious Hayes Valley" to me.

                    1. re: Spenbald

                      There is a difference between jamon Iberico and jamon Iberico de Bellota. For the latter, the pigs have been finished on acorns. The ham will be deep red and denser from longer curing. Sounds like that's not what Say Cheese sells. The price difference you describe sounds about right for the difference in grade between the two.