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Sep 15, 2012 01:43 PM

First Trip to Paris-Staying in the 6th near the 14th

We will be in Paris for our first visit on October 11th for 8 nights. We are staying at Hotel Sainte Beuve which is close to the intersection of Boulevards Raspiel and Montparnasse. Our budget is moderate.
We have a few restaurants in mind close to the hotel although we certainly do not mind eating in other areas. The ones on our list are Chez Marcel, Moustache, Le Parc aux Cerfs, La Cadole.........Le Timbre is also near our hotel but the reviews have been varied.

We would also like your suggestions where we might have a "lighter fare" dinner 1-2 evenings......a salad composee, a glass of wine, a desert............I know there are several brasseries on Boulevard Montparnasse (Coupole, Select, Rotonde).....but again I'm not reading very positive reviews.

Any advice would truly be appreciated.


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  1. You are right around the corner from "Moustache", which is practically next door to Le Timbre and a step up the enjoyment ladder in my opinion.

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      I second Laidback's rec of Moustache and your reservations about Le Timbre (tooooo crowded) but would add a favorite of mine which is right across the street on the rue Delambre - Le Bistro du Dome (not the more expensive and inconsistent Mothership Le Dome).
      And while I have only eaten there once I had a nice meal (7.0/10) at Le Cameleon, 6, rue de Cheveuse in the 6th,, open everyday,

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        We've had many delicious meals at La Rotonde and I think the food far superior to many typical Paris brasseries. It's usually our arrival day go to
        . We usually arrive early morning and eat pastry, walk all day and then late afternoon head to La Rotonde, grab a table outdoors and enjoy steak tartare and escargot. Another casual spot for great salads and croques is Le Nimrod, 51, rue Cherche-Midi.

    2. I second Moustache and la Rotonde. I'd also add the new-ish Bistro T on the rue Campagne Première on the other side of the bd Montparnasse for a modern re-statement of good-value bistro fare, the somewhat expensive (but usually worth it) Toyo on the rue Jacques Chaplain for a bit of Japanese-French fusion, and the very reliable La Cerisaie (south-west regional specialities) on the boulevard Edgar Quinet for an excellent price-quality ratio. Although the food is not mind-blowing (but decent enough), the iconic landmark brasseries like la Coupole and la Closerie des Lilas (which also has a superb Piano Bar) usually deliver memorable experiences. The Café Select on the Bd Montparnasse is great for hanging out and maybe for an omelette but I'd walk across the street to la Rotonde if I wanted more than a snack. You should also try to take in the nearby outdoor markets: Marché Edgar Quinet on the bd Edgar Quinet on Wed and Sat mornings and the Marché Raspail near Rennes métro station on Tue, Fri and Sun mornings for some street food or rotisserie chicken.

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        "La Cerisaie" Why didn't I think of that? I second that too, charming couple, great chow, fine experience(s).
        You have an embarrassment of riches, Marty.
        As for "I know there are several brasseries on Boulevard Montparnasse (Coupole, Select, Rotonde)....." yes indeed, but why waste the calories, it just means more running the day after, not to mention the neck-strain watching celebs and the annoyance that there are actually people in Paris who speak English-American-English with "likes" and "duhs", just like they came from .... whoops, it's your first trip, yah, do it, once, it's a cure, I guarantee you, and I'm a doctah.