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Sep 15, 2012 01:33 PM

Regional specialties at provincial supermarkets

Once again, a reminder of the trove of regional products that are available in supermarkets in the hinterland. Most often they carry the best or most recognized brands and producers at superior prices to tourist shops. Some cheese displays are outstanding, and many supermarkets specialize in local wines and ciders. Remember to bring carrier bags since supermarkets don't supply them.

Below are displays of dairy (butter), dried algae and processed fish, caramel, local cakes and cookies at a SuperU in Carnac, Brittany where, besides choosing local stuff for our picnic, I snatched a pound of Guerande fleur de sel at a pretty price.

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  1. Thanks Mangeur, provincial "grandes surfaces" are a great way to find some of the best local products. For instance, the Carnac SuperU would be the perfect place to look for the wonderful butter from GAEC de Saint-Coal, produced in Morbihan and only available in Morbihan and Finistère, mostly in supermarkets. Did you find it?

    They also produce "gros lait" (some sort of fermented milk), lait ribot, yogurt, fromage blanc, etc. Superior stuff.

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      No, Pti, the butter was just porn for me since we had 4 days before returning to Paris and more til returning home. But I'll save your rec for a future visit when I'll pick one up for a simple lunch of bread and butter and, since I'm not driving, a bit of cider or wine. ;)

      BYW, I waited too long before actually trying to buy my replenishment of Kari Gosse. The upscale pharmacies at Quedubon didn't have it, and our next stops were outside Morbihan. Buyers be attentive if you want to buy Kari Gosse!

      1. re: mangeur

        Kari Gosse is available in Paris too... .I seem to remember an épicerie in the Montorgueil quartier in the 2nd that sells it ... maybe rue Tiquetonne.

        1. re: Parnassien

          Indeed it is at Epicerie Bruno. I was just planning on buying it on site and saving maybe 0,50€. ;)