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Sep 15, 2012 01:13 PM

American Wagyu/Kobe beef


I'm trying to do some research on American Wagyu (I'm from the UK) and was looking for the top producers in the US. Are there any particular ranches/farms/butchers that sell what you would consider to be the best?

They could be conventional, organic, grass fed, grain fed - whatever. I'm just looking for the best.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. I usually hate to refer someone to a previous thread, but in this case I think you should look at this thread (and the links therein):
    It's quite questionable whether Wagyu/Kobe beef even exists in the USA (though there's beef that's certainly marketed as such).

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    1. re: drongo

      Thanks for that, although I am very familiar with the technicalities of Wagyu breeding!

      I am really looking for some recommendations of who sells the tastiest Wagyu - regardless of its precise genetic makeup.

    2. I would reccomend Lone Mountain Ranch out of New Mexico. If Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur carries their beef it has to be right up there. They produce Black fullblood Wagyu....IE 100% Wagyu.
      Heartbrand out of Texas produces Red Wagyu ,or Akaushi as it is known.
      For the purists out there ,a little known fact about "Kobe Beef" is that it only comes from the Tajima bloodline of the Black Wagyu. IE 100 % Tajima Bull over a 100% Tajima female.There are very few 100% Tajima females outside of Japan. Genetically speaking, one could produce "Kobe Beef' outside of Japan, but one would not call it Kobe Beef out of simple respect to the Japanese holders of the "Kobe Beef "brand and Trade mark.
      Trust this is of help.

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          While I too cannot vouch for the overall "technicalities of Wagyu", I can vouch for the tastiness of Snake River Farms American Wagyu steaks, I recently ordered the 8oz tenderloin filets and they were excellent. Very tender and moist, I also ordered the sirloin. While they are not cheap, it is worth an order just to taste. The packing and delivery was outstanding.