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Sep 15, 2012 12:58 PM

Bistrot de Soleil - Cape Cod - Hyannis

I cannot believe the transformation from Harry's to an elegant restaurant. The name is French but rather diverse with an italian influence and world music in the background. My daughter and I came for a Saturday luncheon before she flew to Paris. The setting is immaculate and elegant. The waitress was quite attentive and helpful in all regards. She was really pleasant checking when needed. We shared a Baby spinach tossed with tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts and chevre vinaigrette. The vinaigrette on the side was lovely. We enjoyed the chewy sourdough bread and whipped butter. She chose the pan seared polpettes with parmesan and fresh mozzarella cheeses, tomato sauce and angel hair pasta. She said the house made pasta was great. I enjoyed the chicken breast in panko breadcrumbs pan seared and baked with tomato sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese with house made linguine. We had tap water. We are light eaters so had plenty for another meal. It was a perfect pre Paris mother daughter luncheon. The bill was 41.00 including tip. This would be a great spot for a romantic evening dinner. The host and waitress, perhaps the owners greeted as we departed. Very congenial and welcoming vibe.

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  1. Great to hear your experience mirrored mine this past spring. Had heard a rumbling of a possible downhill alert so it's nice to hear otherwise. $41 with tip is a veritable bargain on Main St. these days. Thanks for the excellent report.

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      Just had dinner. Prix Fixe thought it was great and a bargain for the money. had mussels as an appetizer,veal piccata and chocolate cake etc for desert. Others had salad , bouillabaisse, can't remember the rest.
      nothing but praise from everyone. don't go out much but will be back here. think it was around $65 plus tip for three.

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        We had dinner there two months ago. It was a busy Friday night. The server was pleasant and the food was good. I agree it is a good value. However, the bartender ruined the meal. We could not get a drink. I literally finished my entree before I got the glass of wine that I ordered at the same time as the food. He was too intent on pleasing the drinking customers at his bar, thus increasing his tips. We watched as our server stood at the service end of the bar for 5 to 6 minutes at a time before being aknowledged by the almighty bartender. This happened almost every time the server needed to enter a drink order. When we brought it up, he said it is always like that and that he was actively seeking work elsewhere. On our leaving we mentioned it to the woman who owns the restaurant with her husband, but she didn't think it was an issue.

        1. re: kevinricci

          just looked at their dinner menu online, I am shocked that they have no vegetarian pasta, risotto, or entree!!! or burger!!!

          it's not that hard guys, it's 2013 already...

          (can you tell I'm a vegetarian foodie?)

          1. re: faith

            They have many gluten free items on the menu, something lacking at many restaurants. And they do have several salads, pizzas, and an app listed as vegitarian. I'm sure the chef would accommodate a request to leave the protein off of a Risotto or pasta dish as well as they have that option available on the lunch menu.