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Sep 15, 2012 12:39 PM

Bostonians Heading to Seattle for the Pats/Seahawks Game

Hi all, my in-laws are heading to Seattle for the Pats/Seahawks game and looking for some good chow. They are pretty unadventurous and love a good steakhouse, southern Italian, simply prepared fresh fish, awesome burger or anything that is a must have while visiting Seattle. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated and if any hounds have any inquires on Boston I will be pleased to help.


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  1. I think the board generally advises against Italian in Seattle if you come from a town with good Italian (as I've heard Boston does). Do you know where they're staying? If they'll have a car? Maybe this will help narrow down good steakhouse and fish places (we have a lot of seafood places).

    1. might not rock your world, i guess, but tavolata or any of the ethan stowell restaurants do (in my opinion) pretty delicious, simple italian food. i hear good things about branzino but have never been. i enjoyed a meal several years ago at la vita e bella in belltown, but haven't been there in a while.

      tom douglas' serious pie served an amazing pizza when i was there recently - starters and the seasonal housemade soda were also lovely.

      salumi in the pioneer square/idistrict makes WICKED italian meats...

      try le pichet near pike place market for delicious, light, cafe-style french.

      el gaucho and aqua do good steak and seafood, fairly classic/old-world preparations.

      toulouse petit in queen anne serves up a delicious creole shrimp linguine and (if you like horseradish!) a killer shrimp in red remoulade starter. also a nice roasted beet-haricot verts salad.