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chard recipes

I'm doing a "Farmer's Market Dinner" as a fundraiser next week. I want to use chard as the main ingredient for one course. i'm thinking of a soup, but have never made one, so wondered if anyone out there had a favorite recipe or technique they would share. I'd love to hear other chard recipe ideas as well -- I'm scrounging from a friend's garden for the dinner, and there is a LOT of chard. Thanks!

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  1. Saute it.

    Or do a frittata with chard.

    1. My chard has been almost overwhelmingly successful this year so I've used many recipes for it. One favourite is sauteeing with garlic, adding some butter and white wine, cover and let wilt for a couple of minutes. Season.

      Another is roasting it, like this one, which I actually prefer...


      1. http://www.foodandwine.com/recipes/pu...

        Once you've subdued the chard, it goes together very quickly. You can use half and half instead of heavy cream, too.

        1. A Swiss Chard and Ricotta Torta would make an amazing first course--the combination of those two is amazing. Lots of work but worth it. Anne Burrell makes a great one and you can use a simpler crust than her marscapone one:

          1. I've made soup with chorizo, chard and white beans before. Wonderful! Here is a similar recipe. This would be loverly for fall.


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              There is a recipe on Chow for a Mediterranean Chard that is delicious. The anchovies add a delicious taste without tasting like anchovies so don't leave them out. In a pinch I have used anchovy paste. Here is link: http://www.chow.com/recipes/10504-med...

            2. Just chop it and add to your soup mixture. I make a tomato base soup using chard, or kale, carrots, leeks, and fennel. Add water and tomato juice, some stock, simmer until all is tender and season.

              1. Thanks, everyone, for all these ideas! Now the problem is that I'm completely rethinking my menu :-).

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                  Try blanching ,breading and frying them either just the stems or even the whole leaf ...pleasant surprise

                2. Here is a chard, pasta and lemony ricotta recipe from Rachel Ray. It is just delicious. I do change the recipe up a bit by using cannellini beans in place of the pasta and I use less bacon.


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                    if you steam it lightly it also works pretty well for a salad very healthy too. One other anne burrel recipe is creamed kale - think creamed spinich steakhouse style. I think this would work very well with chard as well

                  2. Don't forget this fabulous recipe for Chard, Onion, and Gruyere Panade from the Zuni Cafe Cookbook (by way of Orangette):


                    This is just incredibly good and very simple to make. It's so much more than the sum of its humble parts. Be sure to use good bread.

                    1. Thank you all so much! I had never thought of frying chard -- I will try that one night for fewer people. I have so many ideas now that I'm glad for the chard glut -- we'll be having it a lot more frequently. I'll chip in my own chard recipe -- a sauce of sorts for roast chicken of onions, garlic chard and peaches (we had a banner peach year, too). It's good just as a saute, but I made it into more of a sauce by adding some chicken broth. I thickened it with cornstarch for convenience, but think it would be better thickened with butter and flour. I added a little nutmeg, but that was sort of gilding the lily.