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Sep 15, 2012 12:37 PM

REALLY need knives sharpened in vicinity of Park Slope -- any options I don't know?

My knives are so dull they are becoming a liability. I have a small sharpener at home, but they really need a professional to whip them back into shape. I've taken them to Westfal before, but honestly schlepping most of my knives to the city, sneaking out of work to drop them off and waiting a few days to get them back seems like too much for me right now. Is a Cook's Companion my best option in Brooklyn? I know the truck guys aren't great (and one or the other one is actually detrimental.) I've gotten a knife or two sharpened before at a Cook's Companion. I think they did an okay job, but I remember the fact that some check out person took it in the back and about 20 mins later it was done made me feel like maybe they have some sort of knife sharpener back there that I could buy on Amazon. So is that the best game in town? And if so, do you think they do a decent job?


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  1. I'm not in Park Slope, but since you haven't received any responses in a day, I'd say Westphal is your best bet. If you can't go, ask a friend or neighbor to take them over. Heck, I live in Staten Island, and I'm happy to travel in there on an off day just to have the job done right.

    1. I don't know if they sharpen knives for people or not, but there's a knife store called Cut (I believe) on 3rd avenue near 10th street. It might be worth calling them to see if they'll do it, and what their rates are.

      Having said that, I've been taking my knives to Westpfal for a couple of years, and I've been happy with them. They're sort of on my way to work, so it's not particularly inconvenient for me.

      (note the spelling: PF not PH, though google will probably find either)

      1. Do what I do. Go to Korin and get 2 sharpening stones. One medium and one fine. They have a video if you need it. Then do it yourself. Takes 10 minutes to put a razor sharp edge on a knife.

        1. There is a place @ 4113 3rd.Ave and another, John's, at 6301 10th ave (both Brooklyn).
          I've used the 10th ave place several times with good result. When they are through they perform the 'cutting a loose newspaper' test in front of you.