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Sep 15, 2012 12:15 PM

Mohawk Bend charging CC's of their July customers on 9/14.

Checked my bank account today and discovered a charge from Mohawk Bend last night on both my and my SO's cards. Problem is, I haven't been there in months! Called the bank first, then the restaurant and the hostess who answered would not put me on with a manager- simply said "oh, you must have eaten here in July." and told me their machine apparently did not charge customers then and it somehow went through last night... then asked for my name and phone number so a manager could call me back.
Anyone else ever have something like this happen to them?
Bad customer service or just "you gotta do what you gotta do"?

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  1. Did you eat there in July and did the charge from that visit never show on your statement (until now)? If so I'm not exactly sure what you are complaining about?

    1. Yes, and it used to be common practice in business to delay processing charges made in December to January to defer the tax consequences until the following year.

      50 years ago the US Federal Income Tax system for businesses had an excess profits tax, so if near the end of the year we found that we were approaching that threshold, we would defer sales but incur expenses.

      No matter why your charge was delayed, if you ate the meal and presented your card, the bill is yours to be paid when rendered.