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Feb 16, 2005 07:04 PM

Caterers who do roast whole pigs - Sacto

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Okay, I consider myself a pretty good 'hound for the Sacto region, but even I'm stumped here. The fiance and I both want a super low-key, small wedding - but he's determined to have a whole roast pig, preferably Cuban-style from a pit. Excellent food is our idea of a party, so money's not really a problem. I know there are Mexican markets that'll sell us the uncooked porker, but don't really want to have all that work on the actual day. I'd appreciate any input on either 1) caterers or restaurants who might be willing to do the whole she-bang, or 2) who on earth would rent us a space to do it ourselves?


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  1. Kee's Express in South Sac will do it for you, at reasonable prices too. I'm not sure whether Kee will come out to your place and do it or whether he has to do it at his restaurant.

    Kee's Express
    (916) 424-8184

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      I think Corti Bros would do it too. I suppose they would cook it in their store and you'd have to pick it up. I'm not sure about how that would work out. Their chef is Andrew.

      Are you talking about a big ole pig or a baby piggie? If its a wedding it must be a pretty good size party. How many? I've done whole pigs and man is that a lot of work. :)

      Good Luck, Robert

    2. Don't know about Cuban style, but if he'd settle for a Chinese style, lots of Chinese grocery stores will do it. Bel Air markets on the south side will also do it.

      1. It actually won't be that large a wedding - probably only 50 or so, but that would still mean a pretty good sized pig, or possibly several smaller li'l piggies.

        Robert's right, it would be a ton of work.

        THANKS for your help!

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          Another couple of thoughts:
          I've done the whole pig in a pit thing and I didn't much care for it. Inspite of best efforts it came out rather 'steamed.' I personally like the crispy skin thing and that only comes off the grill.
          I was a county fair up in Plymouth a few years ago. I was with a friend who was making tri-tip sanwitches and there was a guy doing bar-b-que who did a whole pig on a rotissery on a big "que." I traded him a couple of tri-tips for the (cooked) pig's head. I made head cheese along with a few other things but the point is some of these local bar-b-que places might do what you are looking for.
          Good luck, let me know how it comes out.


        2. Hopefully this might help, there's Bledsoe Natural Pork in Woodland (530) 666-1349, they probably can't do the pig themselves - but they might know someone who can do it for you - they come to the weekly Farmers Market at the W/X on Sundays in Sac. Good luck...