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Fresh Ghost Chilies

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I have been lovingly growing ghost chilies and they have finally ripened. They really are as hot as wikipedia says they are. I tried one (didn't even swallow) and spent the next 30 minutes seriously considering a trip to the ER. I am no chili-wuss but these are mind-blowing.

Now I have dried ghost chilies already so I don't need more, but I am wondering what on earth to do with the 12 or so that are almost ripe. Apart from make some sort of deadly assault weapon!

Any thoughts?

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  1. Make a chili paste, freeze and use sparingly and accordingly.

    1. I had nearly 3 lbs of fresh ghost chilies from last year's harvest. Gave some away to heat-loving friends, made several batches of ghost jam (combined w/ habaneros), used some in salsa, and created ristras to dry batches more than I gave as gifts w/ a chili cookbook. Still have a few left!

      1. Oh yes, home made candy with a hidden dollop of chili! Mwa hahah!

        If anyone could point me to the recipes for chili paste or jam that would be tremendous!

        1. If you seeded and removed the veins then toasted them to remove the skin would they still be as hot? I've done that with habaneros and they were delicious with less heat and an almost fruity flavor.

          1. A friend of mine made a killing selling them at gun and car shows for $10.00 a piece. It seems that the macho guys cannot walk away from them and the challenge of eating them.

            This is the first year that I have attempted to grow ghost chilies and I just hope that mine ripen before the first frost before I want to try a taste of one. Habs are almost too hot for me but I want to be able to say that I have tried a ghost chili.

            I'll either use the rest in hot sauce or give them away to masochistic friends.

            1. They can be kept in the freezer for use throughout the year. My favorite thing to do with them is to make various curries. I simply cut a slit in the side of the chile and throw it into the simmer. I remove it from the pot prior to plating.

              1. Some go into hot sauce, most go to friends, and I freeze the rest of my crop. I hate the term "ghost" chile....its a media term for Bhut jolokia pepper. But those are mild compared to what I grew this year...besides yellow and red jolokia's, I grew Naga Viper, which briefly held the world's record at 1.5 m su, and Butch T....the next record holder. While Naga Viper is really hot, it's small...but Butch T, a derivative of Trinidad Scorpion, is large and unbearably hot...a whole, deseeded pepper tossed for only about 10-15 seconds into a veggie stew left it much hotter than I intended it to be. But now there is a new world record pepper....2 million su! I forget the name, but I'm sure I'll grow it next year. I can't handle these peppers at all, but, hey- if I can't grow the world's largest pumpkin, I may as well grow the hottest pepper!

                1. All great suggestions. I loved the idea of taking them to gun shows! Sadly all my friends are utter chili-phobes! I have enjoyed the Naga Morris but am now viewing this beautiful plant I have as some sort of Triffid!!