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Sep 15, 2012 09:54 AM

Where can I buy rock shrimp in or around Manhattan?

Where can I buy rock shrimp in or around Manhattan? I can't find a seafood market that sells it.

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  1. Have you checked Lobster Place in Chelsea Market?

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      1. re: boredough

        Just checked Citarella's website to search and it looks like they do sell it (at least online). Hopefully they still have some in stock. Thanks for the suggestion.

        1. re: nycguy20011

          Citarella Upper East Side definitely sells it (I don't know about the seasonal aspect, but they'll have it when/if it's in season.)

      2. I've bought them at Citarella (6th Ave.) many times. They always seem to have it.

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        1. re: rrems

          I just stopped by there and was informed that rock shrimp aren't in-season until late fall/winter.

        2. In season Wild Edibles in Grand Central Mkt has them.

          1. FreshDirect! Easy-peasy. I get them at least once a month.