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Sep 15, 2012 08:44 AM

Zignum anejo mezcal [moved from Mexico board]

Anybody heard of it? I'm scavaging for items I can't buy stateside. I'm cautious about fancy bottles at $US94 a throw. The reposado is about $55, as I recall. No samples available. I need guidance within a couple weeks, thanks. Gimmick, or the real deal?

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  1. Out of curiousity I did a little google. It appears that Zignmum is owned by Coca Cola!!!!!

    1. Veggo, 'reposado' mezcal is a gimmick. Mezcal is meant to be blanco. Try Mezcal Amores, it is superb.


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        1. re: cristina

          Cristina, Amores does not seem to be available in PDC. Honestly, I have not found anything of any sort worth bringing home from PDC. Times have changed.

          1. re: Veggo

            Sorry, Veggo, I thought you were in Oaxaca. Amores is a palenque-made small batch artisanal mezcal that I can get in the DF, but not easily. Are you coming this way? I can grab a bottle for you.


          2. re: cristina

            This comment bothers me on many levels. Why is reposado mezcal a "gimmick"? The only thing differentiating Tequila and Mezcal is NOM/DO, so why no reposado or anejo? Oh! Of course, Tequila is refined and educated and sophisticated but Mezcal drinkers, particularmente las mas educadas como ti, like the raw backwoods version out of a car radiator. Flip that on its head for even more reverse snobbery-look at the NY distilleries putting out "White Whisky" in a search for "cred".

            If you really care about Mexico and small producers, please do think hard about this before asking the mods to delete it.

            1. re: kcward

              Cristina would not ask that you be deleted. I think it's a fair question whether ageing improves mescal.

              1. re: Veggo

                Fair enough, but esentially there is no difference between Tequila and Mezcal other than growing region, so why call reposado or anejo "gimmicks"?

                The larger issue is who controls what and where the economic benifit goes. Dissing mezcal and promoting tequila does no favors to smaller producers.

                1. re: kcward

                  Oh, I think there is quite a difference between tequila and mezcal, mezcal being much smokier at every level.

                  1. re: Veggo

                    While I might agree with you about "smokie"', the question is about blanco, reposado and añejo, all legit for mezcal.

                      1. re: kagemusha49

                        Yes. IMO, the least smoky mezcal is more smoky than the smokiest tequila, so it is useful to have names to distinguish the two.

                        1. re: kagemusha49

                          Mezcal may be a blanket category with fewer rules, but generally refers to the traditional Oaxacan style where the piñas are cooked in a pit and smoke infuses them.

                          You can get things like Fidencio sin humo, which does not have any smokiness, but is still quite different from tequila. Mezcal can also be produced from a number of agave species which will each give a distinctive flavor as well.

                      2. re: kcward

                        Actually, there's more to it than region which differentiates mezcal. All tequilas are just a type of mezcal that is distilled from blue agave in the Tequila region of Jalisco.

                        Mezcals are fermented from numerous different species of Maguey.

                        Key difference is distilled vs fermented. Industrial versus rustic. Precolombian fermentation vs Distillation brought by Europeans.

                        Oh, and by the way, I like reposados and añejos in mezcal. Nonetheless, the best in my opinion are the artisanal products made of wild species which are usually left white.

                        1. re: hankstramm

                          Actually, the latest information is that the natives made clay stills and distilled mezcal thousands of years before Europeans arrived.

                          What do you mean by "fermented vs. distilled"?" Precolombian fermentation vs Distillation brought by Europeans."

                          Mezcal is always distilled. If it is just a fermented agave product then it is pulque.

                2. I hadn't heard of Zignum until last night. Nothing special--barely is even distinguishable as Mezcal. I'm somewhat of a connoisseur.

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                  1. re: hankstramm

                    From what I have heard (from people in the know about mezcal), Zignum squeezes the uncooked "piñas" to obtain the inulina de agave & then distill that. Nothing like the traditional roast-ferment-distill process that almost all other mezcales have done for ages.

                    Leave it to Coca Cola... :P

                  2. I was just in Oaxaca for about 3 weeks. I originally responded from Mexico City where I tried Zignum since it was the only available. Definitely not worth buying. It's not a bad booze, but tastes nothing like a good mezcal. Like Cristina mentioned, the best of the mezcals are blancos, but there are good ones that are reposados, but Zignum is not one of them. Even the omnipresent Beneva Anejo is better than it.

                    1. I didn't know they were that pricy. I had the whole line of the blanco, reposado, and anejo sent to me for review, and I didn't think much of them when I thought they were in the low $30 range. Not much character, decent, but nothing special.