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Sep 15, 2012 07:19 AM

Frenchie Online Reservations

I had previously called Frenchies to get a reservation for our upcoming early October trip. I had only got through once, and was told it was too early, and was hung up on. This was despite others posting they had made reservations for the same time frame. I had pretty much figured the hassle was not worth it.

Well today I was sitting at the computer trying to make the rest of our plans for the trip. I decided to try to use skype to once again call, and once again got the machine. I couldn't remember the time frame the website mentioned to call, so I went to their website. I clicked on the reservations tab, and low and behold a online reservation window popped up run by the fork. It only seemed to have 3 or 4 weeks out. Some of the days would show available, but when I clicked on them they would not be available. I ended up getting a 19:00 reservation on our last night. I received an email conformation, including instructions to reconfirm on the day of. I am assuming you must just leave your reconfirmation on their machine, since you can never get through.

Hopefully this information will help some people, and has not been posted before. I am getting closer to finalizing our meal plans for the rest of the trip. I will post and get some input when I do.


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  1. THANK YOU, so much Joe! This is great news.

    1. I have also an upcoming visit and I was not even going to bother. But thanks to Joe's post I looked at the website and they have dates up until a month from now. Made reservations for the 15th for 3 on my first try. Merci Joe.

      1. Wow! Could it really be this easy?

        I really hadn't even considered trying to get a reservation for our upcoming trip until I saw this thread. I plugged in a date on the fork for Wed. Oct 11 and got a 19:00 reservation.

        I'm still shaking my head in disbelief.

        1. Yes it's true. They posted it on their website and Facebook page yesterday. Reservation 30 days out maximum.

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            1. re: CanadianAbroad2012

    's gone. It's not working again- three days ago, they had a few spotty dates "free" until November 9th, the 45th day to reserve. When you'd click on any of the "available" dates, they'd say they were full, even for a party of one!

              Today, no dates are available to click on. So unless they're completely booked until December 31st, they're having problems again. Does anyone know if they're still taking phone reservations? As much as I hate to say it, it sounds easier than this new system.

                1. re: zammdogg

                  Just a thought -- Perhaps they "cleaned up" those dates that would show up even though no table were available. Perhaps now only one day will show at a time on the exact 45 day mark. If they release that 45 day table right at midnight Paris time, that is when you would have to be logged on to check for a table. I am just guessing here, Paris by Mouth also mentioned something to that effect.

                  1. re: joeandmaria

                    I'm sure this whole process is agonizing. Reading it is agonizing enough.

                    1. re: Parigi

                      And, the wine bar just expanded with a moreish looking menu -- I would be tempted to eat there instead.

                      1. re: Parigi

                        You are right. Even though I got a reservation for my upcoming trip, I wonder how much the process will taint mine (and others) experiences. I can see the process as creating high expectations. "If it is this hard to get into, it must be out of this world". Hopefully I won't leave with the impression of "what was all the hype about".

              1. anyone have any luck recently with the online booking? i keep trying for my dates and i see it available on the calendar but once i submit i get this message:

                "Désolé, aucune table n'est réservable en ligne pour ce créneau"

                which i translated to:

                "Sorry, no tables are bookable online in this niche"

                i tried this for all dates and times (even the dates i'm not in paris and it's the same message over and over again.

                any help is appreciated. thanks.

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                1. re: Sam C

                  The dates "light" up 2.5 months in advance from what I gathered while trying to book my reservation. Sometimes another random date will light up, indicating to me that they might have had a cancellation. I booked 2.5 months to the day in advance.

                  1. re: Sam C

                    Its definitely working. I made a booking for May yesterday. No dramas.

                    1. re: Sam C

                      I'm having the same experience you had. Merde!

                      1. re: Sam C

                        Update: Success this morning when I was on their online reservation system. But seemed like only spots available were the later seating at 930pm which doesn't faze me as we usually have dinner late. There seemed to be a lot more spots duirng the week i was previously looking at as well. So hopefully this will help someone.