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Emergency! Can I use red potatoes to make mashed potatoes?

Need some help - have 15 lb bag of red potatoes. Will be making roasted potatoes with rib eye roast the 1st night and want to make mashed potatoes for a roast chicken the second night. Can I successfully use red potatoes? Traditionally, I use Yukon Gold potatoes for mash, but I don't want to buy another bag. Do I need to make any substitutions like cook longer/shorter, use more/less dairy, etc?

If I can't make mashed potatoes, what else beside roasted potatoes do you suggest? Family will be disappointed, but.... Thanks!

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  1. Hi Diane,
    You most certainly can. I would taste them and see if you like the consistency and then add dairy from there. I love mashed or smashed red potatoes with a touch of parmesan cheese. They'll be wonderful!

    1. You can use them, but red potatoes are more waxy than other types. So they wont be as creamy as the ones you make with yukon golds.
      I've mashed the reds before, but it was more like "smashed"... I cut them in quarters, leave skins on and boil as usual. I also add a couple cloves of peeled garlic towards the end of cooking. Then I smash them with milk and a little sour cream, sprinkle with chives. They are best if you leave them a bit chunky.

      1. I've never had a problem using red skins for mashed, the proportions are basically the same...

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          1+ They are little different, but still very tasty!

        2. We have only made mashed with red potatoes in my house. I've done both dairy and garlic olive oil smashed versions. They are less starchy, so you may need to adjust your quantities as you taste.

          If you don't want to mash, they are really great pan fried.

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            Oh yes, olive oil is great with these. We have someone in our family who is lactose intolerant and my aunt taught me a great mashed red potato dish with no dairy. You slow cook sweet onions in a lot of evoo over a very low heat for an hour or so (almost like a confit) and fold into the mashed potatoes with herbs. There are times, I swear, where I actually prefer the taste of this dish to the one with cream and butter. In any case, red potatoes work well!

          2. Definitely! Leave the skins on and they're delicious. I like to add a bit of chopped parsley or dill

            1. Are you kidding? My second fave mashed potato, had at a pub and now make alot, is unpeeled red potatoes with their skins and whole cloves of peeled garlic cooked until ready to mash with lots of butter and milk and or cream. EDIT I see I am not alone in this rec but do try it!

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                Like this... Mine has lots of garlic, butter, sour cream or cream cheese, and milk. Skins on, smashed and chunky. My favorite has a combination of cooked and raw garlic.

              2. Also excellent in pot pies as the red potato maintains its shape during the cooking process and yes you can mash them!

                1. YES! These are my favourite. I use philly cream cheese instead of butter and add thinly sliced scallions and lots of cracked pepper right after I mash them. As iluvcookies said, they are more smashed then mashed and cook them in the same way as you would with yukons but in quarters. Leave those skins on, its the best part.

                  1. I concur with leaving the skins on and not aiming for smooth mashed. Another good way to cook them is to cube them, then simmer them in milk with garlic cloves until they are tender, then mash. Milk should half-cover the potatoes. Cook covered, stirring a few times. Season to taste.

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                      This. The only thing we do is add lots of chives.

                    2. Some people wouldn't have it any other way.

                      1. Had those as garlic-mashed layered under the chicken cacciatore at Buca di Beppo, a dish that took that ridiculous place out of the good-for-laughs-only category for me on first bite. I agree with the other respondents who urge coarse mashing and plenty of oil or butter - I'm definitely gonna try JeremyEG's onions-in-olive-oil strategy (and thanks!).

                        1. Add me to the "me, too" list. Red skinned potatoes are the only ones in the darned house because they are so versatile.

                          As others have said, leave the skins on and leave them a bit chunky. If you like whipped smooth potatoes these aren't for you, but I think they are great. I think I'll make some for supper tonight.

                          1. I'm with almost everybody else. Absolutely use red skins for mashed. Take some garlic cloves and drizzle oil over them and roast them until they are a paste. Add that to your red skin mashed. Fantastic!

                            1. So we did "smashed" potatoes with 1/2 & 1/2, chives, lots of butter, s&p, roasted garlic. Turned out very well and was good with chicken gravy. Thanks for all the suggestions!

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                                Try these Barefoot Contessa Parmesan Smashed potatoes some time. They are great.


                              2. One Thanksgiving I made two kinds of mashed with "waxy" red potatoes for one and starchy yukon gold for the other. They looked the same and tasted almost the same. We think we may even have liked the red better though it could be that I added more butter to those. I think red potatoes vary in starch. Also these were local and fresh from my CSA so that may make a difference.

                                1. yes, totally use red potatoes all the time for mashed-- or for any other application you use the yukon golds for. approx same starch content.

                                  1. A bit OT but since you have lots of redskin potatoes, are you familiar with Crash Hot Potatoes?