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Sep 15, 2012 06:12 AM

Upscale Burger in Des Moines? (or anywhere)

I'm looking for a particular burger. The most important thing is that the restaurant grinds their own, and is willing to cook it medium-rare or even rare. It would be nice if it is a single patty that's about 8 ounces. Grass-fed would be a bonus.

I've tried a few places in Des Moines, and the best result was at Americana. The meat was overcooked at Centro. It was very overcooked at Gateway Market. I didn't ask for medium-rare at Zombie burger, and I thought the patties were too thin.

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  1. Really not sure if these are "upscale" but here are a couple places Andrew Zimmern prefers...

    B&B Deli -
    Christophers -

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    1. re: sparkeye

      That's helpful. I'll probably try both, but, the Beaverdale Burger at Christopher's sounds the closest to my specs. Buster's on 28th (Minneapolis) was already on my list.

      1. re: sparkeye

        The Beaverdale Burger (with cheese) at Christopher's was good, but, not something I would make a habit of having. The burger itself was overcooked (which I have grown to expect), but still juicy. It was also under-seasoned. The fries were excellent. A good deal and quality ingredients for less than eight bucks.

        1. re: Iowaboy3

          Yeah, Django would be my first suggestion, but I don't know if they grind their own.

          My favorite burger in Iowa though is Lincoln Cafe in Mt Vernon. It would be quite a drive though, being north of Iowa City.

          Another suggestion might be Short's in Iowa City. They only have 3 items on the menu, a burger, a chicken breast sandwich, and a vegetarian bean burger. Each of the 3 items has over a dozen varieties of topping available though.

          1. re: vitus979

            Django grinds their own. It says so on their homepage. I think all the George Formaro places do.

            1. re: johnseberg

              Is there no love for the Tartine Burger, topped with La Quercia Prosciutto, Arugula, Truffle Mayo, and cheese?

              The Rusty Duck in Dexter won an award from the Iowa Beef/Cattlemans organization a year ago. One of their burgers is steak trimming ground up and sells out soon after they open at five. Their other burgers are fresh ground as well.

              Some local places have added bacon ground burgers or Juicy Lucy style burgers to their menus. But I am not exactly Mr Burger and these are not high on my list to check out.

              1. re: trza

                I tried Tartine, earlier this week. I had the Prairie Burger. It was very good. I would say it was just slightly overcooked. I suspect it may have been allowed to rest for a bit, after cooking (for good or bad, intentional or not).

            2. re: vitus979

              Django nailed it. I had the cheeseburger. It was perfectly seasoned, truly medium-rare, and generous with the cheese. Really a steal for $9.99 which included a side.