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Roast Half Duck

VaughnRmnE Sep 15, 2012 05:26 AM

OK, call me "old fashioned", but every so often I get a yearning for Duck l'orange or other variation of this classic.. And La Goulue (formerly my standy for this) has taken it off the menu and replaced it with Duck Breast - just not the same!

Are there any other CHers with this particualr food fetish in the Miami -FLL area who could recommend a restaurant with this on the menu?


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  1. Frodnesor RE: VaughnRmnE Sep 15, 2012 06:40 AM

    I've not been in quite some time but Gourmet Diner on Biscayne around 135th has always had a nice roast duck. No orange sauce, just a half roast duck, crispy skin, tender flesh.

    1. d
      DolceFarNiente RE: VaughnRmnE Sep 15, 2012 06:50 AM

      Looks like cafe de Paris on Los Olas serves it. I am not a fan of either the dish or restaurant so can't comment on it's prep or execution.


      1. s
        southocean RE: VaughnRmnE Sep 15, 2012 08:39 AM

        Le Comptoir, in Hollywood, lists "Duck al range . . . two duck legs topped with a orange liquor glaze served with rice and vegetables" on their menu. I haven't been to the restaurant, but the Trip
        Advisor, Yelp and Urbanspoon reviews seem decent.


        1. The Chowfather RE: VaughnRmnE Sep 15, 2012 05:04 PM

          Not exactly what you are looking for but the crispy duck at Rice Asian House in Sunny Isles is awesome

          1. z
            zook RE: VaughnRmnE Sep 15, 2012 06:01 PM

            Chef Andrew Swersky of the Forge always has an excellent duck on the menu.

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            1. re: zook
              The Chowfather RE: zook Sep 15, 2012 06:59 PM

              Swersky?? Dewy has been at the Forge for a few years now

              1. re: The Chowfather
                zook RE: The Chowfather Sep 15, 2012 11:34 PM

                My bad...thanks!

            2. r
              ruthless2 RE: VaughnRmnE Sep 16, 2012 06:56 AM

              Try Sage Cafe and Oyster Bar on Harrison St downtown Hollywood. I had the roast half duck there a few weeks ago, but it was a little sweet for me what with the raspberry sauce and mashed sweet potatoes, but skin was crispy, service was excellent and Sunday is half-price wine night.

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              1. re: ruthless2
                Jenaclaree RE: ruthless2 Sep 16, 2012 12:43 PM

                Sage in Fort Luaderdale also has it. I sub out the sweet mashed for regular mashed potatoes so i don't get all that sweet. They also do buy one get one free dinners on Mondays and Tuesdays. Great deal.

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