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Sep 15, 2012 05:16 AM

pulled pork - freezing question

I prepared pulled pork for the first time, and it seems to have turned out really good. I want to freeze the pork (I have already slow-cooked and shredded it) until tomorrow, for my son's birthday party. Do i put on the sauce before I freeze or after? I dont want the freezer to dry out the pork because it is so moist right now, so - before? Thanks!

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  1. How long is it going to be frozen? It sounds like one day. If so why freeze it?

    I like to freeze mine in a vacuum bag with a little liquid, not sauce. A little broth with the rub you used works well as a base liquid to keep it moist. I reserve any sauce for the table

    1. I would def sauce it - and why would you freeze it for just one day. Let it sit in the sauce and develop more flavor and reheat - any freezing in a standard home freezer will start to develop ice crystals and change the feel of the pork - even if you freeze for a day

      If you were not going to use within 24-48 hours - def freeze it - in the sauce!

      Personally I like my PP sitting in the sauce for a couple of hours before serving - a day is just right!

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        Thanks! for some reason i thought freezing would lock in flavors... i will refrigerate.

      2. There's really no point in freezing it for only one night, just refrigerate it.

        I think it gets kind of mushy when you leave it in sauce for too long, so I would store pork and sauce separately, myself.

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          thanks for the reply! Very helpful.