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Sep 15, 2012 04:37 AM

Freezing green tomatoes question

I am planning ahead to make some green sauce from Homesick Texan's website. I have lots of green tomatoes on the vine right now, but I haven't sourced the tomatillos yet.

I have read that green tomatoes can be frozen. The recipe calls for the tomatoes to be coarsely chopped and then simmered until they break down.

Should I just chop/slice the tomatoes and freeze them, or go ahead and cook them down, then freeze? Thanks!

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  1. Have never frozen green tomatoes, but imagine they will react similarly to red ones when thawed. Probably will NOT be firm, but bet skins will slide right off once thawed... if you need to remove for your recipe. If freezer space is no issue, I'd just core and store in freezer bags till ready to make.

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      Thanks - I'm not at all worried about texture, as they're going to get simmered and then pureed. I will just rinse, core and freeze.
      Now, if I can only find tomatillos in the UK...

    2. I don't have any issues with the skin on green tomatoes. I just used a bunch from my fall garden today. I cook up coarsely chopped onions, cilantro stems, garlic, coarsely chopped green tomatoes and pardon peppers from the garden with salt to taste. When it's getting soft and giving off juice I shut down the heat and when relatively cool I run it through my kitchenaid food grinder attachment. I add some fresh cilantro and a little lime juice. It makes a delicious salsa Verde type mixture. I put it in small silicone cups and pop in the freezer. When frozen I remove from silicon cups and store in zip locks in freezer. I add the frozen blocks to chili and posole during the winter. I don't miss the tomatillos at all.

      1. Are you talking about the Ninfa's Green Sauce recipe?
        I've cooked/frozen the tomato/tomatillo/jalapeno mixture for that many times.
        If you can't find tomatillos, add an extra green tomato or two and a good shot of lime juice. It won't the the same, but it will be close.

        When I make that sauce, I use a BIG handful of cilantro... way more than the 4 sprigs called for in the recipe. I've had the real-deal Ninfa's sauce and it has a LOT of cilantro.

        I also freeze tomatoes (red/green/yellow/whatever) whole (cored). Sometimes I remove the skin, sometimes I don't. It's easy to pick out the bigger skin pieces, if need be, when you cook them.

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          Yes!! That's exactly what I'm after.

          I am in the backwoods of the UK and haven't found a source for the tomatillos yet, but I'm headed home to TX in a few weeks and plan on bringing a few cans back. (Plus I'll be stopping in and having lunch at Ninfa's as often as I can manage, so plenty of chances to research!)

          The green tomatoes I've got by the bucket-load - in fact, with the weather here, I'm doubting they're ever going to ripen.

          Totally agree about the cilantro in the original sauce, but I've got a few plants growing, so that base is covered.

          Thanks for letting me know you've successfully frozen the mixture. You might have just got me throught the dismal winters here.

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              No, the Ninfa's at home is in Waco. Is El Tiempo in Houston? We are landing at IAH and I've already told mom - it's straight for Mexican as soon as we clear customs!!

              1. re: tacosandbeer

                There are several locations of El Tiempo in Houston and they also have a market. They are owned by Ninfa Laurezo's grandson. The Laurenzo family has nothing to do with Ninfa's now. Try the crab quesadilla and their parriladas easily server double the number of people listed on the menu, with leftovers!

                1. re: onrushpam

                  That menu looks soooo good! It's definitely on my list, with as soon as we land, or on our way back to the airport - thanks!

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            Hi, I just googled the recipe for Ninfa's green sauce. I have about 8 pounds of tomitillos sitting on my kitchen tables right now. I would like to make a big batch. Can the completed recipe be frozen in small containers? I have never frozen anything with avacado it in. Thanks

            1. re: Babs

              I wouldn't freeze it with the avocados. I make the cooked part and freeze that in small containers. I add the other ingredients after thawing this mixture.