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Sep 15, 2012 02:00 AM

Any good white chocolate available in MSP?

I have purchased Callebaut in large chunks at Whole Foods and it's okay. I purchased a pricey bar of Green and Black which I did not like at all because it tasted minty to me. I can order Mercken's from King Arthur, but that too, in my humble opinion, is just okay. Anyone have a suggestion for where to get really good white chocolate in MSP? (FYI--I use this for baking.)


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  1. Aside from checking with some of the chocolatiers (Chocolat Celeste, BT McElrath, etc.) in town have you checked with some of the upper end bakeries (Salty Tart, Butter, etc.)?

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      Good suggestions, bkmnus.

      I asked about a good brand on the Home Cooking board and Becca (who knows her way around the kitchen :0) posted that she likes El Rey brand. Has anyone seen El Rey white chocolate in MSP?

      1. re: soccermom13

        pretty sure Kitchen Window carries El Rey, IDK if they have their white variety though.

        edit: may be white chocolate isn't your thing though, and I doubt bakeries use anything more exotic Callebaut or Merckens. Chocolate Celeste sold Felchlin before, but I do not see the white listed on the site right now.

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          Whole Foods Minneapolis has El Rey white chocolate.

    2. I haven't found anything I like better than Callebaut white chocolate - though I agree, it's not that great unless it's really, really fresh. The other stuff is horrid, though. Definitely DON'T buy "regular" size bars of white chocolate; even if the quality is decent (though it usually isn't), they're usually too old to have any decent flavor.

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        Thanks for the great tips, all. I am headed to Mpls Whole Foods to get some El Rey white chocolate :0)