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Sep 14, 2012 11:55 PM

Pumpkin Ales (or Porters) ... your choice(s) please.

I bought a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale twelve ounce, $2.50 plus tax. It was good ... but not great IMO. There's likely a better beer to be had out there somewhere. Are there any pumpkin ales that have an even fuller body (than Dogfish), and with a more pronounced spicy taste?
I was left wanting more for some reason. TIA.

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  1. Weyerbacher imperial pumpkin ale or Southern Tier Pumking.

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      1. re: Chinon00

        Pumking will do the trick. Liquid pumpkin pie.

      2. The first pumpkin I ever had was from Lakefront Brewery, so that's usually what I consider my favorite. (Maybe just because of the nostalgia of having it at the brewery on fall brewery tours...)

        However, DFH Punkin was always fuller bodied, so that may not be what your are looking for. We can't get Dogfish here anymore, so I am not sure how this year's batch is.

        Pumpking tastes too fake to me, but I know people who like it. It seems like a love it or hate it beer.

        We did try the double pumpkin from Sam Adams this year and thought it was pretty good, but not amazing.

        As far as a pumpkin porter, I had one once from Summit and really enjoyed it. Not sure if they are still brewing it. However, last year at a random Rock Bottom Brewery the bartender suggested ordering half pumpkin/half stout and that hit the spot. Just thought I would give you that tip as it was something I had never thought to do.

        1. Cigar City has their "Good Gourd" Imperial Pumpkin Ale out now.

          We swung by the brewery, had a few, and then I filled up a growler to take home to the wife. She loved it.

          IMO it's pretty damned good, and I'm not a huge fan of pumpkin ales.

          1. Looks like you're in NY -- can you get River Horse? Their Imperial Pumpkin is really good.

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            1. re: sadiefox

              If I find it ... I want to try their Oatmeal Milk Stout too.

            2. Picked up a 12 pack of Smuttynose pumpkin this weekend. This is a nice version with lots of pumpkin character -(somewhat vegetal, woody, dryness on the tongue), not too spicy, and has a drinkable balance with somewhat substantial hop bitterness. More like a pumpkin pale ale in contrast to all the sweet, amber ale based pumpkin beers. It reminded me a lot of my homebrew pumpkin ale that I haven't brewed in a couple of years - and it should since this is the beer that I modeled mine after almost 10 years ago.

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                River Horse is from NJ .. should be available in NY. Recently had some Elyssian Great Pumpkin that was very good. Southampton makes a good pumpkin beer, Ithaca Country Pumpkin is good too. Southern Tier Punking is worth seeking out especially if on tap.