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Sep 14, 2012 10:48 PM

Cesar's, Berkeley

Disappointing meal. Ear-splitting noise level--impossible to talk. Service plus/minus.

The skinny fried potatoes, which had always been such a hit, weren't as crisp or flavorful as I remembered. The gazpacho tasted more of vinegar than tomato. The tomato bread was good, but got boring after a few bites. And the shrimp with bacon was fine.

Nothing that was knocked out of the park Haven't been here in a while. Used to be so much fun and so delicious. Sigh.

Maybe an off night?

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  1. I hadn't been there for ages until about a month ago. The fries were great. We then shared a paella, which was good. Didn't have a wide variety of plates for comparison. The ear splitting volume is nothing new. I was pleasantly surprised last time our group hit them on a slower night.

    1. I've eaten well there recently. The paella seems reliably good. Brussels sprouts, salt cod, spicy tuna & egg bocadillo, mushrooms a la plancha have all been good.

      At dinnertime, unless it's late enough that the crowd will have died down and we want the paella, we usually go to Barlata instead, more selection of tapas and the jamon Iberico is cheaper.

      1. Had a good dinner last night: shaved cauliflower salad, Brussels sprouts, paella, good as usual, though before 10pm I'd prefer Duende for paella. The cheese on the charcuteria platter was marinated in olive oil and herbs, that was new, pretty good.