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Sep 14, 2012 10:02 PM

Shrimp & Grits

Hey guys I was wondering if you guys can recommend me to some good shrimp and grits preferably in the pasadena area, if not then maybe a place in west la?

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  1. I had shrimp and grits recently at Blue Stove in Nordstrom at Santa Monica Place. First time having the dish, but everyone at the table loved it.

    I was skeptical about Blue Stove at first, as many seem to be. But for a restaurant inside a department store, its surprisingly good.

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      jsandler, I really enjoyed my dineLA meal at Blue Stove ( and would definitely go back again.

      Thaxone, I know you're asking for recommendations, but I'll give you an avoid; it's not near Pasadena anyway: Killer Cafe in Marina Del Rey is Killer Shrimp's cafe/diner-style adjacent restaurant that serves breakfast. I like Killer Shrimp (to the chagrin of westsidegal) but Killer Cafe's shrimp and grits were just awful. The shrimp was overcooked, the grits were runny rather than creamy, ugh.

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        I couldn't agree more on your assessment of Killer Cafe's shrimp and grits. A fellow diner in my party had them yesterday, and I had a taste. Both the shrimp and grits were overcooked, and the grits were totally lacking in flavor.

    2. Nook, in a mini-mall on SM Blvd. near Barrington in West L.A., offers a good rendition. You can also get an Abita root-beer. Josie Next Door on Pico near 26th also offers a decent version.

      1. You might give them a try at Firefly in Pasadena and see what you think.

        From their menu: "Shrimp and Grits with tasso ham, crimini mushrooms, Herbsaint and tarragon over parmesan-Tabasco hominy grits"

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          Give them a try, but the thing I like least about this place is that they don't know when to stop doing stuff to the food. We ate there once, just because a lot of the local folk-music freaks are regulars (partly because some of them play there); I had a duck confit thing that they should've sent out halfway through the process. It wasn't bad, but I was hoping to taste the duck … I gave them a good review, but that's an excellent argument for sleeping on the experience more than once.

        2. Canele in Atwater Village sometimes has shrimp and grits as a brunch special. It's great.

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            +1 I just had this for lunch/brunch and it was delicious.

          2. The original comment has been removed