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Sep 14, 2012 09:47 PM

Anything but Mexican... need recipes for Tomatillos

I just got a batch of tomatillos in my weekly veggie pack from the local farm. I like the general taste of them from what I recall of eating them a long time ago. But I pretty much hate Mexican food. I don't like onions or hot-spicy things, can't eat beans and I think cumin tastes like potting soil. So, you can see my problem. I've been chasing promising leads all evening and I am crying uncle! Or Salsa Verde! I do like avocados so I am open to those recipes, but no guac unless onion-free.

Anyone have any ideas for making things with these little darlings?

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  1. I think fried green tomatoes will do the trick. I don't have a specific recipe in mind but I'm sure a quick search will come up with some good ones.

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      I was wondering about that... if you can believe it, I've never had them. I've heard good things and I'll give it a go. I never ate them when I was younger because the very name reminded me of this nasty looking green tomato chow-chow my parents loved. I will try frying some of the tomatillos this weekend. Do you use a flour/cornmeal mix or just cornmeal? Milk/egg dip before or no? There seemed to be a lot of back and forth on that in what I found here.

      I was looking at a recipe I found for a tomato jam... which seems interesting. I am very curious as to whether the tarty little tomatillos would make an interesting switch? Perhaps the tangy and sweet would be a nice combo?

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        I like a flour/cornmeal mix (flour for a good fry and cornmeal for the texture) and yes to the egg/milk dip (it sticks much better). Just make sure to season the flour/cornmeal mix.

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          Fried eggplant has a slightly similar taste to fried green tomatoes. I have found people who like one tend to like the other.

        1. Tomatillo jam (the one on line from Pati Jinnich who adds lime is my current favorite)

          One the website Homesick Texan, look up Ninfa's green sauce.

          1. This recipe sounds like it was created just for your needs:

            1. The tomatillos would make a fine jam, and you could also dice them up with some green apple, apple juice, raisins and warm spices, cook them down, and make a chutney. Add some chopped walnuts to this if you want to: delicious with poultry of any type, or sausage.