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Sep 14, 2012 09:24 PM

Bistro La Persaud

After wanting to try the food at Bistro La Persaud for a long time, I finally had dinner there last week. It was, in a word, disappointing.

The menu has recently changed, though I haven't been there before, from my glance at the previous menu a few weeks ago, the two biggest changes were a narrowing of selection and an increase of prices. An narrowing of selection can be a good thing if that allows the items to be done really well, but that was not the case.

The duck breast dish I had was $45 and I can't believe I paid that much for what I got. It was a small portion of uninspiring duck breast (not the entire breast) and the accompanying pasta-wrapped chicken liver component was dense and flavourless. My dining companion had the pork dish ($39) and found it flavourless and tough. It was served with pork belly that tasted fine, but he would have preferred it to be a bit crispy.

The dessert we split, the chocolate opera coffee cake, was another dish that was dry and flavourless. Even the two small macarons that were served with it were unenjoyable.

I feel a bit repetitive in my descriptions, but flavourless really was a theme of the meal. And again, it was so disappointing, I was thinking about the duck breast dishes I could have at other restaurants in Edmonton, like Red Ox Inn, that would not only be better executed, but less expensive. $45 for a poorly executed duck breast dish is not justifiable, especially if the service is average and there are long periods of time that we sat with empty water glasses. I am willing to give some latitude to a restaurant in the midst of launching a new menu, but not to this degree at that price.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Over the past year I have been to La Persaud 5 or 6 times. As this place is in our neighbourhood, we were pretty excited when it opened and we thought it was one of the best values in the city, with great food at pretty good prices.

      I was also there last week, and what a disappointment. I 100% agree with the OP. The new menu is over priced, the food is not as good as the old menu, and the service we had, especially at the new price level, was disappointing.

      It is too bad as we had great meals there previously, but we won't be going back. I even called up friends that I had previously recommended the place to, to not bother going if they hadn't been yet as it was not worth it.

      A shame that this happened as it was a great place before.