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Sep 14, 2012 07:55 PM

Portuguese Supermarket


Where can I find Portuguese supermarket in Montreal? There are specific Portuguese stores or Portuguese products can be found in all supermarkets?
Where can I get salt cod for example?
Thanks for any/all replies!

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  1. segal on st-laurent. the sign outdoor doesn't say segal though, i think it just reads market or epicerie or something ike that

    1. Soares on Duluth or Marché Universel on Mont-Royal and Coloniale are Portuguese supermarkets. Portuguese products are easy to find on the Plateau. Salt cod is available all over the place. I've seen some at a few IGAs, at Esposito, at various fishmongers, etc.

      1. Super Marche SA on St Urbain is a good place to go especially for the Portugese Farmers' Cheese.