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Sep 14, 2012 05:33 PM

Lobsters in September

Greetings -

Must say, we loved the inexpensive soft shell lobster prices this summer.
(I'm mostly Scottish)


Great for fans of bugs this summer, but probably not the best for our fisherman friends in Maine and environs.
Hope that lobster economics will allow them to continue fishing, as well as supporting their families.

Noticing that lobster prices seem to be creeping back up again. Not great for us, but good news for the fishermen.

Debates will rage regarding soft shell vs. hard shell bugs, but we were wondering what happens to bugs as we experience shorter days and cooler weather.
Markets still offering soft shells?
When can we expect hard shells/supposedly more meat?


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  1. Not for nothing as they say but I had a softie last weekend at a lobster joint in Rye NH and it was just great. Was it a little more watery than the hard bugs yes. But that didn't detract from the flavor or the enjoyment of the meat itself. Most surprising to me was how I enjoyed the ability to rip the bug apart with my paws. No crackers required. Now put me down as a heretic and burn me at the stake but I can say I like both styles. Hard and soft and in between goldilocks but I'm down for lobster in all its forms.

    (you may now resume your food truck conversation)

    1. We had lobsters from Market Basket last weekend. They were fairly hard shell. Back to the $4.99/lb price. Excellent. We didn't ask if they had any larger ones. We bought a bunch adding up to 6 lbs.

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        we had some last week too. shells are definitely harder and flavor all summer has been just great.

        as close as connecticut they have a lobster shortage! thoughts being that the water further south is simply too warm and they're all just crawling up our way.