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Sep 14, 2012 05:03 PM

Great Espresso Coffee in Backbay?

I am extremely serious about my morning caffeine fix. I am coming from SF to visit Boston for 6 days. Staying on Boyleston in Back Bay area are there any serious coffee houses nearby? S*********KS is a dirty word. They are in the milk business. Prefer a place that roasts their own beans does not have to be on site. Blue Bottle in SF is my go to. Please help me, I need to start my day correctly.

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  1. Wired Puppy on Newbury near Fairfield Street and L'aroma Cafe on Newbury between Clarendon and Berkeley. Both are fussy about their beans and make a good coffee.

    If you are around the Boston Common later in the day try the Thinking Cup for some Stumptown coffee.


    1. Render Coffee in the South End - it's not right in Back Bay, but it's not far and *so* worth the walk. If you walk down Clarendon or Dartmouth and then turn right onto Columbus, it's also quite a pretty walk; less so if you come from the Mass Ave side.

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        Check out Render before you leave. I would walk the distance to the south end where IMHO they know how to generally make better coffee then their back bay neighbors.