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Sep 14, 2012 03:57 PM

Charleston with kids --help me decide!!

Hey all,

We will be in Charleston for 2 days and I can thus only squeeze in four restaurants for lunch and dinner. We will be with kids, so I don't want anything fancy, but would prefer something local and authentic (and tasty of course) that us northerners would not be able to get outside the south. I've done quite a bit of reading, and have narrowed it down to six places that interested me:

Martha Lou's
Bertha's Kitchen
Dave's Carry out
Early Bird Diner
Fishnet Seafood

I should also mention that we don't eat pork (I'm actually worried that's going to be a big problem in the South, am I wrong to think that?)

I need to cut out two of the above, so any and all recommendations and advice are much appreciated!


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  1. Nobody will make you eat pork if you don't want to, lol! It's really no problem.

    All those places are great, but Fishnet and Dave's have no place to sit, so if you go to either you need to decide where you want to picnic. Martha Lou's has some seats but it's busy, so consider carrying out there too.

    1. Can only comment on Fish Net -- no seating, so that means carry out, perhaps a picnic. Food will stay warm and tasty/crispy for at least half an hour. I think Dave's carry out sounds much like it, so may be more convenient and provide better dining al fresco opps.

      On the pork, you may find traditional southern vegetables cooked with ham/pork around here. Just a caveat. So a "vegetable plate" may turn out not to be just vegetables -- something you may not even think about asking when ordering.

      1. Yeah, I'm a non-pork eater who lives in the south, and trust me, it is *always* best to ask and make it clear to your server that you don't eat pork. I can't even begin to tell you the things that I've ordered that have had pork show up in them. Just best to be on the safe side and ask. That said, you'll probably have some wonderful meals.

        1. Thanks for all the tips! The more I read the more I'm confused though?! I just read about this Poogan's Porch and their menu looks really appealing to me. If others could narrow down their top 4 from my list or eliminate anything that really isn't worth a trip to I'd really, really appreciate it! As you can tell I'm sooo indecisive! =(


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            Poogans is okay, and really was one of the first fine dining places in town. It can be hit or miss now though. If I go to the HD for dinner I go to FIG or SNOB or Anson. I'll take Fishnet over any of them any day, but remember, there's no place to sit and it's on a busy highway. If you want a fun experience for the kids (and I do hate to muddy the waters) look at Fleet Landing. Okay food, but there's a view that often includes dolphin.